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Vendor Challenges In Destiny 2: Explore Them

Vendor Challenges in Destiny 2 is a new feature that helps you uplift the position.

With the completion of Vendor Challenges, one can upgrade one’s character and increase one’s power level in Destiny 2.

Vendor Challenges in Destiny 2 are weekly tasks that help players earn powerful gear and increase their power level. To complete a Vendor Challenge, they must finish a certain number of bounties for that vendor.

In this article, we will explain Vendor Challenges, how to find and complete them, and what benefits they offer. 

What Are Vendor Challenges In Destiny 2?

Vendor Challenges are weekly tasks through which players earn powerful gear.

These include killing enemies with a specific weapon type, completing strikes, or playing Crucible matches.

Additionally, players can upgrade their Guardian rank with the challenge completion.

guardian rank veteran
Veteran is the 6th Guardian Rank.

Theese activities appear on the blue glyphs mark on the Destinations screen.

Further, players can increase their power level beyond the soft cap 1750.

Different NPCs in the Tower are vendors and offer Vendor Challenges.

Contrarily, players must complete two Vendor Challenges to reach Guardian rank 6.

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How To Complete Vendor Challenges In Destiny 2?

NPCs in the Tower, such as Zavala, Shaxx, Banshee-44, Hawthorne, and the Drifter, offer Vendor Challenges. 

Some more steps to find and complete the Vendor Challenges in Destiny 2 are:

1. Reach The Soft Cap

To reach the soft cap of 1750 power level, you should obtain regular gear.

Further, you’ll obtain these gears from drops, engrams, or vendors.

2. Blue Glyphs

Once you reach the soft cap, head to the destinations screen.

Then, seek blue glyphs on the planets or locations; they indicate the presence of Vendor Challenges.

Additionally, you can look for them on the Tower map with blue icons and a star symbol.

the tower
There are NPCs in the tower.

3. Visit The Vendors

Next, visit the vendors; they will offer you Vendor Challenges.

Try to pick up bounties from them, which are small tasks. 

Therefore, once you complete the task, you’ll receive a Vendor Challenge.

4. Bounty Challenges

You should complete the required number of bounties for each Vendor Challenge.

Moreover, hover over the vendor icons on the map and track your progress.

It will show you the number of completed bounties and the remaining to finish the challenge.

5. Claim Rewards

Finally, return to the vendors and claim your rewards.

You will receive powerful gear which increases your power level beyond the soft cap.

Moreover, it will help you reach the hard cap of 1800 power.

Therefore, once you complete all these steps, you’ll find and complete all the Vendor Challenges.

Benefits Of Vendor Challenge In Destiny 2

Some of the benefits of completing Vendor Challenges are:

1. Powerful Rewards

You’ll receive powerful rewards from the Vendor Challenges.

These rewards will aid you in endgame activities such as raids, dungeons, and Nightfalls.

nightall vendor challenges destiny 2
Nightfall is a type of reward.

2. Vendor Reputation

You will also earn a reputation with the vendors.

Moreover, they will unlock more rewards and perks from them.

3. Seasonal Progress

Next, you will also gain experience points.

These points will level up your season pass and artifact.

Moreover, it unlocks more seasonal rewards and mods.

Further, it will enhance your gameplay and build diversity.

4. Bounty Variety

It is fun and challenging. The completion of various bounties will test your skills and abilities.

However, some bounties may require specific weapons, subclasses, or abilities.

While you need to complete specific objectives or activities for other bounties.

Moreover, you can discover new tips and tricks from other players to play the game.

The Bottom Line

Vendor Challenges are among the best ways to level up your season pass and artifact. 

Moreover, they unlock more rewards and mods while playing the game.

It allows players to earn powerful gear and improve their gameplay.

I hope the information in this article helps you better understand Vendor Challenges.

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