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How To Unlock Lament Locked Door In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 is a post-apocalyptic action that challenges players to explore a vast, dangerous world of secrets, puzzles and enemies.

The Lament is the location filled with various traps and puzzles such as simple arrow traps, Vault and arrow traps, and Floating Pillars Traps.

To Unlock the Lament Locked door, layers must find Kolket’s Key. It is dropped by the Wither that spawns after opening the coffin just beyond the room with the symbol-covered pedestal.

This guide will show you how to open a locked door in Lament that leads to intriguing items.

What is Lament Locked Door In Remnant 2?

The Lament Dungeon is in Yaesha – Faithless Thicket, filled with puzzles, body traps, and challenging encounters.

Players must confront the Wither in the dungeon, the creature that drops the Kolket’s Razor item.

The Looked Door in the Lament is a secret door that leads the room with an amusing reward, including a ring of the diversion.

Moreover, the final puzzle of the Lament dungeon requires you to find a Kolket’s key.

The process of unlocking the door contains multiple steps.

How To Unlock Lament Locked Door In Remnant 2?

Here is how you can open the Locked Door in the in Lament in Remnant 2;

  1. Players must find Kolket’s key, which can be obtained after defeating the Wither boss.
Mini boss
Players have to kill this mini-boss to obtain Kolket’s key
  1. After defeating the boss, it will drop an item known as Kolket’s Razor.
  2. Players must inspect Kolket’s Razor in the inventory and click the “interact” button to change the Razor into Kolket’s Key.
How to unlock Laments Lock door in Remnant 2
The Kolket Razor should change to the Kolket key by tapping the interact button.
  1. Then, the player can go through the left doorway of the pedestal and head straight down to access the floating rock puzzle.
  2. To solve this puzzle, shoot at the gap between the floating rocks until the bullets are deflected, and you will discover the straight path.
Floating Rock puzzel
Once you have the key, you can go to the floating rock puzzle area to get to the Locked door
  1. After clearing the Floating Rock puzzle, you reach the final platform, where you can use Kolket’s Key to unlock the door and obtain the Ring of Diversion.
  2. This ring enhances the invulnerability window while evading and sliding.
Ring of diversion
You can obtain the Ring of Diversion after using the key to Unlock the door.

How To Get Kolket’s Key In Remnant 2?

The first part to unlock the Lament Lock Door is to get the Kolket’s key by killing the enemy.

You have to defeat the enemy once you unlock the Dungeons Dial puzzle.

To complete this Dial puzzle, you must line up the symbols according to the books and the crops.

Here is the further process to get the Kolket key;

  1. After you solve the dial puzzle, go beyond the door and from there, head straight down.
  2. You will find a coffin at the left before the checkpoint.
  3. Upon opening the coffin, the wither miniboss will emerge from there.
  4. To defeat the Wither, target its main weakness at the center of the chest and use a close-range weapon like a shotgun.
  5. This boss can regenerate itself. So, you have to attack the boss until you kill it aggressively.
  6. Finally, once you kill Wither, it will drop two items Kolket’s Razor and the Overdrive Mutator.
  7. Then, Inspect the Kolket Razor in the inventory, and as you rotate the camera toward the tip of the item, tap the interact button that will change the razor to the Kolket key.
  8. Finally, you have the key to navigate to the final locked door by heading back to the pedestal above and going through the doorway on the far-left side of the wall.
  9. This will lead you to the floating puzzle area, and after solving it, you will reach the end room with a chest that gives you some Relic Dust, Hardened Iron, and Scraps.

The Bottom Line

The Lament dungeon is essential for the new player because it provides compelling accessories and challenges.

And this accessory is the early-game accessory that’ll aid your build for a long while.

Therefore, don’t miss getting the reward while you are in this dungeon.

Continue reading to learn how to unlock the door in a void vessel and putrid domain in Remnant 2.
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