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Remnant 2: How To Open Locked Door In Putrid Domain?

Remnant 2 contains secrets, including a locked door in the Putrid Domain.

Behind this door, you will find a stash of loot that can help you in your adventure.

This door can be easily missed if you don’t know where to look.

You can open the locked door in the Putrid Domain by smashing some barrels near a grate on the floor and then crawling through it.

In this guide, we will show you how to open a locked door in the Putrid Domain that leads to a hidden treasure.

What Is Locked Door In Putrid Domain In Remnant 2?

Putrid Domain is a dungeon in Remnant 2 located in the N’erud biome.

You will encounter enemies like zombies and the Abomination boss, who can roll around and deal significant damage.

The locked door in the Putrid Domain is a secret area that contains some loot and a purple icon.

Likewise, it contains the Blackout Ring, a powerful accessory that increases damage when your health is low.

The Purple icon is a  marker for a rare item that you can find in some dungeons.

Furthermore, these items are usually hidden or trapped and require some puzzle-solving or shooting to access them.

The purple icon in the Putrid Domain is for a Downward Spiral Amulet, which increases your attack speed and ranged and melee damage based on your missing HP.

Rewards After Opening The Locked Door In Putrid Domain

After opening the locked door in the Putrid Domain,  you will get the loot and a ring.

The ring is called the Ring of the Unclean, giving you a unique melee attack that deals corrosive damage and poisons enemies.

However, it also reduces your health and stamina by 50%.

Similarly, the loot may vary depending on your luck, but some players have reported finding scrap, crystals, and ammo boxes.

How To Open Locked Door In a Putrid Domain?

To open the locked door in the Putrid Domain, you need to find a grate in the floor that leads to a hidden tunnel.

Furthermore, you can access the grate by smashing some barrels near it.

The tunnel will take you to a button that will drain the water from the room with the locked door.

Then you can go back and enter the door before it closes again.

Follow the steps below to do so.

  1. First, find a room with barrels and stuff covering a floor hole near the locked door.
  2. Then, break the barrels and enter the crawlspace under the floor.
break the barrels putrid domain locked door
Break the barrels to find a room in Remnant 2.
  1. Now, climb up a ladder that takes you above the locked room.
climb up a ladder remnant 2
Climb up a ladder and reach the locked room.
  1. Shoot a tank next to some broken cables from a hole in the wall that overlooks the locked room.
  2. This should open the door and let you access the purple icon inside.
Open the door putrid domain locked door
Open the door and access the purple icon inside.

However, some users have reported that the door may close again if you get too close to it or leave the area, so be careful.

Furthermore, you may have to wait for another run or reload the game to open it again.

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The Bottom Line

Remnant 2 is a game full of secrets and challenges, including the locked door.

Opening or unlocking this door reveals a hidden room with a chest and a lore item.

This puzzle will delight and reward you as you use your exploration and observation skills.

Explore diverse and dynamic worlds, and craft powerful weapons and gear!

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