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Explore Nightmare Rewards- Remnant 2

Remnant 2 has different difficulty levels that affect enemies, rewards, and rare items.

Are there extra benefits for beating the most challenging modes, Nightmare and Apocalypse?

Nightmare Rewards are scarce and powerful items that enhance your character’s abilities and performance. Players can achieve Nightmare rewards for completing the game on the Nightmare difficulty level in Remnant 2. 

Continue reading to explore how to unlock Nightmare difficulty and its rewards.

Nightmare Difficulty In Remnant 2

Nightmare difficulty is one of the highest and most challenging difficulty levels in Remnant 2.

Each difficulty has its own set of rewards and difficulties.

Enemies are more aggressive, inflict more damage, and have more health on this difficulty.

It is not advised for beginners or casual gamers since survival demands high skill and equipment.

You will encounter Minibosses, champions, and invaders among the more elite and exceptional foes.

Furthermore, you will have fewer checkpoints and healing choices, making each battle more dangerous and suspenseful.

In contrast, you must employ your best tactics, techniques, and teamwork to defeat the adversaries and monsters in this mode.

A difficulty in Nightmare.

Unlock Nightmare Difficulty In Remnant 2

Nightmare difficulty is unlocked after completing the game at least once on any other difficulty level.

In Remnant 2,  to unlock Nightmare difficulty, players can try the suggestions below:

1. Reroll Campaign Progress

To unlock Nightmare difficulty, players can reroll their Campaign Progress

Rerolling your campaign resets everything, including quests, dungeons, checkpoints, and monsters.

Follow the steps below to reroll your Campaign Progress:

  1. Initially, teleport back to Ward 13 using a checkpoint.
  2. Then, interact with the Worldstone in the middle of the Ward.
  3. Next, select the World Settings option showing your active campaign.
  4. Select the Reroll Campaign button to begin a new campaign with your selected difficulty.
  5. However, you can cancel the reroll by pressing B/Circle if you change your mind. This will close the menu and keep your current campaign.

2. Adventure Mode

In Adventure Mode, you may also choose Nightmare difficulty.

However, you must conquer the game on any previous difficulty level at least once.

To choose the Nightmare difficulty in Adventure mode, you need to do the following steps:

  1. First, return to Ward 13 and communicate with the Worldstone in the Ward’s center.
  2. Next, at the bottom of the radial menu, select World Settings.
  3. Then, choose Reroll Adventure Mode.
  4. Finally, choose the world you wish to explore and set the difficulty to Nightmare.

Nightmare-Exclusive Rewards In Remnant 2

Playing on Nightmare difficulty or higher in Remnant 2 offers its own set of advantages and rewards.

Additionally, these are some of the unique rewards that players can obtain. 

Some of the Nightmare-Exclusive Rewards In Remnant 2 are:

1. The Nightweaver’s Ring

The Nightweaver’s Ring is dropped by the Nightweaver, one of the possible world bosses in Losomn.

It grants you +10% damage when you are not moving and +10% critical chance when you are moving.

To obtain the Nightweaver’s Ring, you must beat The Nightweaver on Nightmare or higher difficulty.

nightweaver boss
Nightweaver boss drops a Nightweaver Ring.

The Nightweaver is a demanding boss with two phases: one in the courtyard and the other in the institution.

She can fly, teleport, summon minions, and use her melee and ranged attacks to deliver immense damage.

To take her down, you’ll need to evade her strikes, focus on her weak area (her glowing heart), and utilize your finest gear and skills.

2. The Bloodstream Trait Card

The Bloodstream Trait Card increases your grey health regeneration rate by 0.3/s per level, up to 3/s at level 10.

To obtain it, you must answer Meidra’s questions in a way that coincides with the Ravager.

Meidra is an NPC in Yaesha’s Dappled Glade area who will ask probing questions about your morals and personality.

Bloodstream Trait Card increases your grey health.

The Ravager is a vicious and ruthless beast prioritizing power and survival over everything else.

You must pick more aggressive, selfish, and violent responses to connect yourself with the Ravager.

3. The Apocalypse Trait Card

The Apocalypse Trait Card is awarded for completing the game on Nightmare difficulty or higher.

It increases your damage by 1% per level, up to 10% at level 10.

There are two ways to obtain the Apocalypse Trait Card in Remnant 2:

1. Defeat Aberration boss

The first method is to defeat the Aberration boss, The Harbinger,r in Root Earth’s Ashen Wasteland.

This boss is a four-legged monster who conjures meteors, fireballs, and other missiles.

It has a high level of health and armor. Therefore you’ll need to utilize powerful weapons and upgrades to defeat it.

As a reward for defeating the Harbinger, it may drop the Apocalypse Trait Card.

part of root earth
Journey of root earth

2. Complete Apocalypse Challenge

The second method is to finish the Apocalypse Challenge in N’Erud’s Labyrinth.

You must withstand waves of adversaries while avoiding traps and hazards in this challenge.

As the battle advances, the adversaries will grow stronger and more numerous, so you must carefully utilize your talents and equipment.

You can access the Apocalypse Challenge by connecting with a gateway in the Labyrinth.

The Bottom Line

Nightmare mode is for you if you’re searching for a challenge and a reward.

If you want to go further, you may choose Apocalypse mode, the game’s most brutal and cruel difficulty setting.

It provides even more exclusive and incredible benefits but needs considerably more talent and preparation.

Continue reading more to explore more about Encumbrance Ring and Nerud Coffins In Remnant 2.
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