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How To Reach Root Earth In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 is a game where you fight the Root, a cosmic evil that can destroy worlds.

You will travel to different realms and use weapons, skills, and allies to survive.

Root Earth is the ultimate and most challenging globe in Remnant 2, where only the Root survives, resulting in a horrible and chaotic atmosphere. To reach Root Earth, you must complete the three prior planets and defeat the Labyrinth’s Guardian.

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What Is Root Earth In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2’s final world, Root Earth, presents the ultimate challenge of confronting the root invasion’s origin.

However, there are no trees on this barren and lonely planet, where the Roots have taken over all life and twisted the landscape into a nightmarish hellscape.

Therefore, to discover the origin and purpose of the Root, you must traverse through the ruins of civilization and battle hordes of Root enemies.

How To Reach The Root Earth In Remnant 2?

You must complete three worlds before reaching Root Earth: N’Erud, Losomn, and Yaesha.

Generally, each world has a unique storyline, an event, a boss, and a secret that you can explore in any order you like.

Moreover, in the Labyrinth, a mysterious dimension connecting all worlds, you will find yourself after completing each world.

Additionally, upon entering the portal, you will find a powerful guardian protecting Root Earth.

Thus, you must defeat the Guardian to unlock the portal and enter Root Earth.

You must complete three worlds before reaching Root Earth.

How To Defeat The Guardian?

The Guardian is the name of the boss that guards the portal to Root Earth in the Labyrinth.

It is also a massive creature resembling a tree with a glowing core and several limbs.

It can attack you with lasers, projectiles, and shockwaves.

Therefore, to defeat it, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Glowing Weakness

Aim target its weak place, the incandescent center in its breast.

Also, you can employ any weapon or mod that does much damage or fires quickly.

ImportantlyAvoid weapons or upgrades with limited accuracy or a sluggish reload speed.

2. Laser Dodge

Avoid the lasers that it fires from its limbs.

They will sweep over the arena in a circular rhythm, so you must precisely time your dodges.

You may also evade them by taking shelter, but be careful not to be surrounded.

3. Projectile Avoidance

Avoid the missiles it fires from its mouth.

They will explode on collision and do splash damage, so keep moving and stay away from them.

You may also blast them before they reach you, but this will take your attention away from the core.

4. Shockwave Slam

Watch for the shockwaves it makes by smashing its limbs onto the ground.

They will travel over the ground and knock you back if you are stuck. Therefore you must leap over them or duck to the side.

Mods that offer tolerance or resistance to knockback effects are also available.

5. Stamina Conservation

Pay attention to your energy and health bars because the Guardian may do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

You’ll need to recover regularly and utilize consumables that improve your health or protection.

You will also need to carefully manage your stamina, as you will need it for evading and running.

What To Expect On Root Earth?

Some of the things you can expect on Root Earth are:

  1. A dark and gloomy atmosphere, with a red sky, ash-covered ground, and twisted metal structures.
  2. Many Root enemies, including Crawlers, Spotters, Slashers, Brutes, and more. 
  3. You may encounter friendly NPCs like Wallace, the mysterious psychic who unlocks new archetypes for you, or Reggie, the scavenger who sells helpful items.
  4. You may encounter hidden chests, ancient devices, or rare enemies or bosses, which can change your experience.
  5. A final boss battle that will test your abilities and dedication as you confront the Root of the Root invasion and determine the fate of reality.
part of root earth
Journey of root earth

The Bottom Line

Remnant 2 models on Root Earth, where you will confront the source of the Root menace and determine the outcome of your adventure.

You will need to navigate through the twisted metal structures, combat against different Root foes, and learn about the Root’s history and intention.

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