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Plain Ribbon In Remnant 2: How To Use It?

In the fantastical world of Remnant 2, players embark on thrilling quests that uncover hidden treasures and unlock the secrets of the realm.

Among these intriguing quests lies the enigmatic journey of the Plain Ribbon, which plays a pivotal role in the game’s narrative.

Plain Ribbon in Remnant 2 is a quest item that can be obtained through the two faes holding hands in the Great Hall. It can help deal with player skill and weapon damage.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the history and features of Plain Ribbon.

What Is The Plain Ribbon?

The Plain Ribbon is a quest item in Remnant 2 that you can use to complete the quest The Lost Child.

You can find it in the Glided Chambers, a location in the Overgrown Ruins.

Additionally, players have reported it to be found in the Great Hall.

The ribbon is given to the player by the spirit of a young girl named Anya.

The History Of Plain Ribbon

The Plain Ribbon has a long and storied history in the story of Remnant 2.

Additionally, it is said that the gods created the ribbon as a gift to the people of Remnant.

The ribbon was meant to symbolize the gods’ love for their people.

Moreover, it was meant to protect them from harm.

The ribbon was passed down from generation to generation and eventually came into Anya’s mother’s possession.

Finally, Anya’s mother gave the ribbon to Anya to symbolize her love and that it would protect her on her journey.

How To Use The Plain Ribbon?

To complete the quest, the player must take the ribbon to the statues of two faes holding hands in Losomn.

Once the ribbon is placed on the statues, they will come to life, and the player can interact with them.

remnant 2 plain ribbon location
The Great Hall consists of the two faecs holding the Plain Ribbon.

The faes will tell the player that they are the guardians of the forest and that the ribbon symbolizes their love.

Then, they will give the player the Golden Ribbon, a powerful version of the Plain Ribbon.

Then, the Golden Ribbon can be used to complete the quest “The Golden Key.”

To complete this quest, the player must take the ribbon to the Council Chamber in the Overgrown Ruins.

Additionally, once the ribbon is placed on the door of the Council Chamber, it will open, and the player will be able to enter.

Hence, the plain ribbon is a useless quest item without interacting with the statues.

You can use it to make various items, such as bandages, traps, clothing, and weapons.

Plain Ribbons can be found in different locations, such as abandoned buildings, loot boxes, and enemy corpses.

Moreover, you can craft it by combining two pieces of cloth or fabric

Types Of Plain Ribbon Rewards

You could encounter different types of plain ribbons throughout your journey in Remnant 2.

1. Silver Ribbon

The silver ribbon boosts any damage dealt by the players’ skills by 25%.

Moreover, when you activate a skill, you will receive the Haste effect for 15 seconds.

You can obtain a Silver ribbon by placing a plain ribbon on the statues in the Great Hall of the Malefic Palace in the Losomn Realm, but only at night.

2. Gold Ribbon

Similar to the Silver Ribbon, the Gold Ribbon increases damage dealt by Mods by 25%.

Furthermore, you will receive the Haste effect for 15 seconds whenever you use a Mod during gameplay.

Depending on the player’s choice, you can obtain Gold Ribbon by defeating Faelin or Faerie.

3. Nimue’s Ribbon

With Nimue’s Ribbon equipped, any healing effects from Relics are boosted by 50%, making them more potent and effective.

In addition, activating Relic during gameplay grants you a Haste effect for a longer duration of 25 seconds.

The Bottom Line

Plain Ribbon is a valuable resource that can help you survive and fight in Remnant 2’s harsh environment.

It symbolizes love, hope, and protection that have helped many people on their journeys.

Finally, you can visit the Glided Chambers or the Great Hall to obtain the Plain Ribbon.

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