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Lords Of The Fallen Statue Lady: Find And Help Her

Statue Lady hums a sad tune in a cave, turned to stone by an artifact.

You can free her from her curse or smash her and loot her sword in Lords of the Fallen.

The Statue Lady Kukajin is hidden in a cave in the Forsaken Sen in Lords of the Fallen. You can help her using the Radiant Healing spell and Empyrean Grenade. Also, you can smash her and loot her sword. 

Continue reading to learn where to find the Statue Lady in Lords of the Fallen and how to help her.

Who Is Statue Lady In Lords Of The Fallen?

A mysterious client hired Kukajin along with Wilmarc to explore the Forsaken Fen.

They were searching for the Umbral Lamp to reveal hidden secrets and open new paths.

However, they found a cursed accessory that would turn anyone who wore it into stone.

statue lady
The Statue Lady is petrified in the cave.

Wilmarc tried to remove it from Kukajin, but he failed, and Kukajin turned into a stone.

Unfortunately, Kukajin was petrified in the cave, humming a tune to keep herself sane.

Contrarily, Kukajin is a Statue Lady in Lords of the Fallen, hoping someone will find her and free her from her predicament.

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Where To Find Statue Lady?

Statue Lady, Kukajin is hidden in a cave in the Forsaken Sen in Lords of the Fallen.

Follow the steps below to find her:

1. Vestige Of Valade

Go to the Vestige of Valade and take the path past it until you reach a fallen tree and a large bonfire in the swamp.

You can reach it by following the main path from the area’s entrance.

Go to the Vestiges.

2. The Fallen Tree

The fallen tree and the bonfire are landmarks that indicate you are close to Kukajin’s cave.

Cross the fallen tree and follow the path across a small wooden bridge to find a door that leads back to the Vestige. Open it for a shortcut.

The fallen tree is a bridge over a water pool leading to another part of the swamp.

There, you will find a small wooden bridge that crosses another pool of water.

On the other side of the bridge, a door is locked.

You can open it to create a shortcut to the Vestige of Valade, making it easier to return to Kukajin later.

3. Go To The Bonfire

Go back to the bonfire and look to the left. You will see a small cave covered by vines. Smash them and enter the cave.

After opening the shortcut, you must backtrack to the bonfire near the fallen tree.

From there, look to your left, and you will see a small opening in the wall covered by vines.

You can use your weapon or your gauntlet to smash the vines and reveal the entrance to the cave where Kukajin is located.

4. The Kukajin Humming 

You will hear Kukajin humming and see her statue. Talk to her, and she will ask for your help.

Inside the cave, you will find a statue of a woman holding a sword and a catalyst.

She is Kukajin, a mercenary turned to stone by a cursed accessory.

She is still alive but trapped in her petrified state.

You can hear her humming a tune to keep herself sane.

If you approach and talk to her, she will beg you to help her break free from her curse.

help her
The Statue Lady is trapped in her petrified state.

Ways To Help Statue Lady

You can help Statue Lady in two ways in Lords of the Fallen: Radiant Healing spell and Empyrean Grenade.

1. Use Radiant Healing Spell

You can use a spell called Sanctify or Cleansing Spring to cure her from the petrification.

However, you need a Radiance Catalyst to use a Radiant Healing spell.

To cast a spell, you must equip the catalyst and press the designated button on your controller or keyboard.

Use Sanctify to cure Lady Statue.

2. Empyrean Grenade

An Empyrean Grenade is an explosive device that releases a blast of holy energy, which can break the curse of petrification.

To use the Empyrean Grenade, you must equip it in your inventory.

Further, press the designated button on your controller or keyboard to throw it at your target.

You can only use it once, so make sure you aim carefully.

If you throw it at the Statue Lady in Forsaken Fogfen, you will free her from the stone, and she will thank you for your help.

However, you can also smash her statue and loot her sword and catalyst.

The choice is yours, but be aware that it will affect her fate and your rewards.

use spell
Empyrean Grenade releases a blast of holy energy.

The Bottom Line

If you free Statue Lady, she will give you a pendant that increases your physical defense.

Further, she offers to assist you in boss battles later in the game.

If you kill her, you will get a sword dealing bleed and poison damage, a catalyst with good radiant scaling, and four spell slots.

Either way, you will also get access to the Umbral Lamp, which is hidden behind her statue.

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