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How To Open Postulants Parlor Locked Door In Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, Postulants Parlor is the sub-domain in the Losomn biome where you will find 9 square rooms arranged in a grid pattern.

However, when players first enter the room, they will find that many doors are closed.

On the Far side of the middle column of the room, you will find a silent creature, “Postulant.” To open the Postulant Paror Locked Door, players must play and win an advanced and modified tic-tac-toe game against that AI creature.

This article will provide everything you need to know on Postulants Parlor Locked Door, including how to open it.

Understanding Postulants Parlor Locked Door In Remnant 2

Players must go through the Beatific Palace in Losomn Biom to reach Postulants Parlor.

The locked doors in Postulant’s Parlor are located on the room’s left and right side columns.

Furthermore, the locked door contains various loot, including a set of Fae Royal armor, a Game Master’s Pride Ring, and a Weightless Weight amulet.

The Postulants Parlor Locked Door is the path to access the Fae Royal Armor set.

How To Open The Postulants Parlor Locked Door In Remnant 2?

To open the Locked Door, you must play the game and beat the opponent.

However, losing the game gives you one stack of curse debuff, which make you easier to kill.

Ai Challenger at the far side of room
You can find the challenger at the far side of the room. 

Defeating the challenger for the first time will open the door behind the challenger, which contains the Royal Hunting Bow and a long gun.

However, there is another layer in the puzzle in the Postulants Parlor, which is the key to open the various doors within the area.

Here is the explanation of the system to open all the doors within this area;

  1. Look closely at the map’s grid pattern, which matches the grid pattern of the tic-tak-toe game board.
How to Open The Postulants Parlor Locked Door In remnant2
The Grid of the game board also represents the Grid of the room.
  1. The white pieces of the board represent the unlocked door, and the black represents the locked door.
  2. Any room with a black game piece on its corresponding game board position will be locked.
black pieces represent the corresponding Locked room
The black pieces represent the corresponding Locked room in the area.
  1. The rooms corresponding to their gameboard positions that are either empty or have a white game piece will open.
White Pieces
White and empty pieces represent the position of the Unlocked room.

In addition, some of the rooms will have the attached secret room.

Furthermore, it is only accessible when a white game piece is on the corresponding board.

This case is for players looking for the Fae Royal Armor set.

Tips To Open The Door With The Secret Chamber

The armor set will be different for each player. For me, it was in the top corner room.

So, to access the room, you should position the white pieces on the board so that it looks something like the one shown in the picture below.

Place the white piece
You must place the two white pieces at the top center and top right to unlock the top right chamber.

You can follow the same process, but the AI will not respond similarly. 

Players can make a move independently; however, ensure you don’t trap yourself.

Furthermore, moving these pieces carefully to reach locked rooms would be best.

The Bottom Line

Unlocking all doors may require a bit of practice and enduring punishment for losing, which could stack up the curses.

However, you can refresh your character by revisiting World Stone or the checkpoint.

Players can repeat the process as much as they want until they open all the doors and grab the loots.

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