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Choose Bovine Meat Or Monster Flesh Or Peculiar Greens In FF7 Rebirth

Players must either choose Bovine Meat, Monster Flesh or Peculiar Greens to offer as food for the Condor in FF7 Rebirth.

When players offer food to the Condor, the majestic bird will come to sight from the sky to the feast.

Hence, players can complete the Dreaming of Blue Skies quest in the game after taking photographs with the Condor.

Continue reading to find out more about choosing Bovine meat, Monster flesh or Peculiar greens for Condor in FF7 Rebirth.

Dreaming Of Blue Skies In FF7 Rebirth: Food For The Condor

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, players get various quests and challenges with unique twists and turns.

One such quest that stands out in FF7 Rebirth is the Dreaming of Blue Skies.

You must go to the Junon region to get the Dreaming of Blue Skies quest in FF7 Rebirth.

Furthermore, you must meet the man in a wheelchair named Colin behind the Crow’s nest.

Dreaming of Blue skies quest in ff7 rebirth
Dreaming of Blue Skies quest is about feeding a Condor and taking photograph with it in FF7 Rebirth.

As you talk to Colin, he will ask you to bring food for luring out the majestic bird, the Condor.

He wants to see the Condor upfront and take its photograph by offering the majestic bird a feast.

So, to complete the Dreaming of Blue Skies quest in FF7 Rebirth, you must go to the Hunting grounds and bring food to lure the Condor.

Best Food For Condor: Bovine Meat|Monster Flesh|Peculiar Greens

In the Dreaming of Blue Skies quest, players have to make a crucial decision by choosing between three options.

Furthermore, the three options in this quest from which players must choose are Bovine Meat, Monster Flesh or Pecular Greens.

There is no such massive difference in choosing either of the options in FF7 Rebirth.

But there is indeed the best choice according to Colin’s reaction to the choice you make for the Condor’s feast.

1. Choice 1: Bovine Meat For The Condor 

If you choose the Bovine Meat and take it back to Colin he will be delighted.

Colin will express his delight and tell you that the Condor cannot resist the call of such fine dining and lure itself out.

So, the Bovin meat seems to be the best food option for luring out the Condor.

Bovine meat in FF7 rebirth
Bovine meat is the best food choice to offer the Condor in FF7 Rebirth.

After giving the Bovin meat as a feast for the Condor, a lady will snap a photograph of the scene.

Hence, you will get a warding material and a well-composed high-tier photograph of the Condor.

2. Choice 2: Monster Flesh For The Condor

If you pick Monster Flesh and take it back to Colin as a feast for Condor, you will get a warding material.

However, by choosing Monster Flesh, you will get a decent photograph but not the best one like with the Bovin meat choice.

The photograph you get of the Condor by taking the Monster Flesh as the Condor’s feast is a middle-tier photograph.

On top of that, when you take Monster Flesh for Condor’s feast, Colin will not seem that happy with the choice.

Colin will question you whether the Monster Flesh is safe for the Conndor consumption in FF7 Rebirth.

3. Choice 3: Peculiar Greens For The Condor

If you pick Peculiar Green for the Condor’s feast, Colin and Tifa will strongly dislike the choice.

Both of them will tell you that they don’t think Condor even eats vegetables.

The Peculiar Greens are the worst option to choose as the feast for the Condor in FF7 Rebirth.

However, you still will get a warding material and a poor low-tier photograph of the Condor.

The best choice for the Condor’s feast in FF7 Rebirth is indeed Bovine Meat.

Complete The Dreaming Of Blue Skies In FF7 Rebirth

As of now, there is no big impact of choosing either of these three choices in the game.

But, it is best to take the Bovine meat as Condor will love it and you will get a high-tier photograph.

Bovine meat to the condor in ff7 rebirth
You can earn warding points, 10 party EXP, 500 EXP etc after completing Dreaming of Blue Skies in FF7 Rebirth

Hence, choose the Bovine Meat to treat the Condor with delicious food and also to get a better picture of the Condor.

By choosing Bovine Meat, you will also get perfect odd job completion and a relationship boost for Tifa.

Rewards For Completing The Quest 

After getting the photograph with the condor, the Dreaming of Blue Skies quest will be completed in FF7 Rebirth.

Players will earn 10 party EXP, 500 EXP etc. as rewards and Cloud’s relation with Tifa changes positively.

In addition, Tifa, Aerith, Barret and Red XIII gain 5 SP and levels up to level 26 after completing the Dreaming of Blue Skies quest.

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