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The Red Throne Secret In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is a third-person action role-playing game developed by Gunfire Games and published by Perfect World Entertainment.

The Red Throne is one of the locations in Remnant 2 which is located on the planet Yaesha

The Red Throne in Remnant 2 is a place, a source of conflict, exploration and discovery for the player. The player can find various items, secrets, enemies, and events in the castle and its surroundings.

Continue reading to explore Red Throne, its role and the events related to it.

Where Is Red Throne In Remnant 2?

The Red Throne is located on Yaesha, the homeworld of the Pan race.

The Pan are a humanoid species closely connected with both magic and nature.

Additionally, they are organized into various factions, each with its own set of ideas and objectives.

use the checkpoint
Use the checkpoint to enter the Red throne

However, it is the Empress’s seat of authority, from which she controls the Pan with an iron grip.

The Red Prince, a rebel leader who claims to be the legitimate successor to the kingdom, opposes her.

Hence, the player can choose to side with one or both of them.

Role Of Red Throne In Remnant 2

The Red Throne’s role in Remnant 2 is the critical story device and the game’s core hub.

Hence, it is the Empress’s seat of authority, ruling over the planet Yaesha and its people, the Pan race.

The Empress is an oppressive ruler who aims to wield the power of the Root, the interdimensional invaders who threaten all planets.

on the way to redthrone
On the way to the Red throne

The player can challenge her for the crown or join her in her quest.

However, the Red Throne also represents the violence and variety of Yaesha and culture.

Yaesha is a vibrant planet full of curiosity and natural beauty.

Further, it is a world of upheaval and instability, with numerous factions of the Pan fighting for their beliefs and aims.

Therefore, the player can encounter groups, such as the Pan Warriors, Pan Scholars, Pan Rebels, and Pan Mystics,  and interact with them.

The player can learn more about the history and culture of Yaesha and its inhabitants, such as its origin, religion, rituals, and secrets. 

The quests and events related to Red Throne In Remnant 2 are:

1. Thaen Seed

The Thaen Seed is a quest item in Remnant 2. It is a rare seed that can grow a Thaen Tree, a magical plant that produces a healing fruit.

It is found in the Widow’s Court on the planet Yaesha.

The player can find the seed inside an Ornate Lockbox, which requires an Ornate Key to open.

The key is obtained from a corpse in the center of the area, along with a note that hints at the location of the lockbox.

The Thaen Seed has two primary uses in the game. The player can give it to the Queen at the Red Throne or plant it at Ward 13.

The player can choose to ally with one of them or betray them both.

What Happens When Player Give The Seed To The Queen?

If the player gives the seed to the Queen at the Red Throne, Queen will relieve all future Pan Warriors, making them friendly to the player. 

She will also reward the player with a ring called The Burden of the Rebel, which reduces skill cooldowns by 15% and increases relic use speed by 25%.

The empress will reward the player with a ring.

What Happens When Player Plants The Seed At Ward 13?

If the player plants the seed at Ward 13, they will grow a Thaen Tree in the garden after some time.

Additionally, the tree will bear Mature Thaen Fruit, which can be consumed to revive the player upon death and grant immunity to status effects for 30 seconds. 

However, the fruit can also age, having a slightly more potent effect.

2. Royal Broadsword

The Royal Broadsword is a greatsword. It has razor-sharp blades and is balanced, which makes it a challenging weapon for expert combatants.

One gains it uniquely. The player must encounter the Empress for the throne at the Red Throne, located on Yaesha.

Furthermore, the player must lose on purpose when fighting with the Empress. This will transport the player to jail at the Royal Broadsword presence.

Therefore, the player can then escape the jail and claim ownership of the sword. This is a dangerous yet lucrative method of obtaining this weapon.

3. Red Prince Fight

The Red Prince Fight is one of the possible boss battles.

It is encountered in the Vault of the Formless, a dungeon on Yaesha.

Moreover, the player can either fight him or pay tribute to him and skip the fight. 

However, paying tribute to him will allow the player to bypass his fight later on on the Red Throne, where he will confront the Empress.

Red Prince is one of the possible boss battles.

If the player chooses to fight him, they will face a challenging battle that requires good dodging and shooting skills. 

Additionally, the player must be aware of the attacks such as Flame Fan, Flame Echoes and Inferno.

The Bottom Line

The Red Throne is one of the most significant and fascinating places in the game.

Additionally, it provides the player with several options and repercussions.

Further, it highlights Yaesha’s rich legend and culture, as well as the people that live there.

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