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The Great Sewers Safe Code In Remnant 2

The Great Sewers is a dark and damp underground network of tunnels and pipes.

Here, you will encounter various enemies, such as rats, spiders, and mutants.

You will also find a hidden puzzle that involves a safe and a code.

The safe code in Remnant 2’s Great Sewers area is a secret puzzle that awards you a significant ring. Each game’s code is unique, and you must use your flashlight to locate the glowing numbers in the environment.

Continue reading to explore the Safe Great Sewers Code and how to enter it.

What Is Safe Great Sewers Code?

The Great Sewers Safe is a hidden puzzle in Remnant 2.

You must find a four-digit code to unlock a safe containing a rare item called the Rusted Heirloom ring.

You have to examine for clues in the environment to figure out the code, as it is different for each player.

The Safe Great Sewers Code aims to unlock a hidden puzzle in the game.

After you solve the puzzle, you can access the Rusted Heirloom ring. 

The ring has some special effects and benefits for your character.

What Is a Rusted Heirloom Ring?

The Rusted Heirloom boosts your critical hit chance by 10% and your critical hit damage by 25%.

It also reduces your stamina cost by 10% and your burden by 20%.

This makes it very useful for any build, especially for those relying on fast and powerful attacks.

Rusted Heirloom Ring
The Rusted Heirloom ring is a unique accessory.

The ring also has a secret feature that comes into play when worn alongside another ring called the Rusted Amulet.

When you wear both rings together, they create the Rusted Legacy set.

Thus, this offers you an extra benefit of 25% damage reduction from all sources.

How To Find The Safe Great Sewers Code?

To find the Safe Great Sewers Code, you must explore the area

Further, you must look for glowing numbers on walls, pipes, boxes, and other objects.

You can use your flashlight to make them more visible.

Once you find all four numbers, you can enter them in the safe and claim your reward.

You must hunt for hints in the surrounding area to crack the code because it differs for each participant.

Great Sewers Safe Code
Use flashlight to hunt the Code 5813

One hint is the light adjacent to the safe. It reveals that the code has glowing numerals and can be seen with a flashlight.

The glowing number is located precisely where it appears in the code.

For example, if you see a bright 3 on the wall, it signifies the code’s last digit is 3.

Another hint is the 3214 written on the ground near the safe. It is a red herring and not the actual code.

However, it tells you that the code only uses numbers 1 to 4. Thus, you don’t have to look for any other digits.

Glowing Code Number
Codes are written on the stones.

How To Enter The Safe Great Sewers Code?

The steps to enter the Safe Great Sewers Code are as follows:

  1. Initially, you should enter the code in the safe by using the keypad next to it.
  2. Next, You have to press the buttons in the correct order, according to the clues you found.
  3. Nothing will happen if you enter the wrong code, and you can try again.
  4. However, if you enter the correct code, the safe will open, and you can be rewarded.

The Bottom Line

The Great Sewers is a randomized area in Losomn’s Dran region, and you may need to reroll in Adventure Mode To find it.

Moreover, the safe contains a valuable item that can boost your combat abilities, but you must enter a code to open it.

However, the code is not given to you directly but rather hidden in the environment. 

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