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How To Unlock Labyrinth Corrupted Portal in Remnant 2?

 Remnant 2 Labyrinth Corrupted Portal is one of the map locations in the game. 

Labyrinth Portal contains scarce items and elite bosses to fight. 

Remnant 2 Labyrinth Corrupted Portal is a secret getaway in the Labyrinth Location. Players can unlock unique items like Labyrinth Staff Melle and Chicago Typewriter upon competing in the event. 

Continue reading if you want to explore the Portal and the know rewards you will get after completing the mission. 

What Is Labyrinth Corrupted Portal?

Labyrinth Portal is of the locations to find rare inventory after beating elite bosses and completing missions.

Furthermore, Roots threaten the Labyrinth  Portal, and the location acts are a Nexus point for all. 

However, many players are still unable to track down the Labyrinth Portal on the map because they haven’t unlocked Labyrinth yet.

How To Get To Labyrinth?

If players want to access the Labyrinth, they first have to complete an in-game event called Non-earth World.

The event is completed via the World Stone

In the World Stone, players need to defeat the Head boss, and they will be awarded an item.

After players receive the precious item called Index Segment, they can finally access Labyrinth.

Then, Players need to collect hidden items and defeat Elites to access through Labyrinth Portal.  

How To Get To Labyrinth Corrupted Portal?

After receiving the precious item Index Segment, Players can now visit the Labyrinth.

Furthermore, accessing the Labyrinth location is not enough; Players must walk through and search for the Labyrinth Portal. 

But first, players have to deal with elite bosses and collect exclusive rewards. 

There are two ways you can unlock the  Portal in Remnant Portal, By unlocking Master Portal Key or by beheading Abberation.

Moreover, if players want to open the Labyrinth Red portal, they must complete the Energy Event and have corrupt status.

Furthermore, players can also opt to unlock the Labyrinth by defeating the number of several Healthbar-featured bosses if they want to unlock the Portal faster.

How To Unlock The Labyrinth Corrupted Portal?

Many players are gaining access to Labyrinth but are unable to visit Labyrinth Portal. 

Players must complete all the in-game rewards, defeat the powerful boss and correctly follow the route to access the Secret Portal.

Here’s how to unlock the Labyrinth Portal in Remnant 2;

  1. Once you beat Non-Earth World, visit the Labyrinth.
Remnant 2 Labyrinth Corrupted Portal
Entering Labyrinth to unlock the Labyrinth Portal.
  1. After entering Labyrinth, defeat some enemies to unlock the Portal. Ignore the first Portal and Head toward the left them enter another Portal.
Among two similar portals, enter the specific Portal.
  1. Follow the platform and find the Cypher Rod
Cypher Rod Remnant 2
Equip the Cypher Rod in the inventory.
  1. Trade the item for a Lightning gun with Ava McCabe in Ward 13.
Ava McCabe Ward 13 remnant 2
Trading Cypher Rod for Gun with Ava McCabe.
  1. Go through the same route as Step 2, and pass through the Portal. The player will get to a new platform after following the straight stairs. 
Remnant 2 Labyrinth Corrupted Portal
Go straight to the stars and find the next platform.
  1. Players will then face an Aberration called Bastion. Defeat the boss with your inventory to achieve rewards.
baston remnant 2
Fighting in-game boss Bastion.
  1. Unlocking the potent weapon called Labyrinth Staff after defeating Bastion.
Labyrinth Staff Melee
Equipping the Labyrinth Staff Melee.

The killer Melee weapon can increase the chance of combat against powerful enemies.

Furthermore, Labyrinth is home to unique, powerful weapons and a key to uncovering Letos’s Stash.

Leto’s Stash includes unique inventories, including the Infamous Chicago Typewriter and Leto’s Armor Mark 2.

The Bottom Line

Labyrinth Portal is one of the best locations to explore Loots in Remnant 2.

Players can access inventories including Lightning Gun, Labyrinth Staff Melle and other powerful weapons. 

Good luck defeating the Abberbations and finding scarce items in the Portal. 

Continue exploring if you want to know how to unlock Handler Engram and Fallen Trinket in Remnant 2. 
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