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The Rod Of Retribution In Remnant 2: An Ultimate Guide

In Remnant 2, Rod of the Retribution is one of the many quest items players will attain after obeying the orders from The One True King. 

Players should find the purpose of the Rod of Retribution and learn its unraveling role in the game’s storyline.

In Remnant 2, players can defeat Nimue, the Goddess of Fae, using the formidable Rod of Retribution. Similarly, players can obtain the Rod of Retribution from The One True King for siding with him to kill Nimue.

In this article, we will explore more about the Rod Of Retribution, its purposes, and whether you can kill Nimue in Remnant 2.

Exploring The Source Of Rod Of Retribution

During the encounter with The One True King, he presents players with the option to attain the formidable Rod of Retribution.

Players can encounter The One True King during the quest Chamber of the Faithless, where they have to make a critical decision.

Similarly, he asks players to swear loyalty to follow his orders. Upon deciding to obey the orders of The One True King, players will obtain this deadly Rod of Retribution. 

Interacting with the One True King in Remnant 2
Players encounter the One True King to obtain the Rod of Retribution.

Acquiring the Rod of Retribution is one of the consequential rewards in The Awakened King DLC; players can take it.

However, players must make an important decision here, as these choices may lead to varying consequences and rewards.

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Purpose Of The Rod Of The Retribution

There must be a particular goal for The One True King to grant the Rod of the Retribution to the players.

Similarly, the One True King hands the Rod of the Retribution to end Nimue’s existence.

Nimue was the counselor of the One True King and also considered as the seer, goddess of the Fae.

Since there were conflicts between the One True King and Nimue, a player should pledge loyalty to him for killing Nimue.

After acquiring the Rod of the Retribution, players should go to the tower where Nimue is held captive by the king.

Upon encountering the Nimue, she will try to persuade you not to kill her, and you can decide here.

So if you decide to kill her, the Rod of the Retribution plunges right into her heart and kills her instantly.

Should You Kill Nimue With Rod Of Retribution?

It depends on players’ preferred storyline, like how they want to play their game; they can choose.

Upon receiving the Rod of Retribution and finding the Nimue, players can kill her instantly without any consideration.

Successfully defeating her with the Rod of Retribution grants players the Broken Heart Relic, debuting in Remnant 2.

Killed Nimue With Rod of retribution.
The player killed the Nimue with the Rod of Retribution.

Moreover, the Broken React Relic innates 50%, and it uses the Speed Bonus to set the current health to 50% of the max health over 0.25s.

However, if players get convinced by Nimue and decide not to kill her, she will grant players Nimue’s Vow.

Nimue’s Vow is also a new Quest item in Remnant 2, The Awakened King DlC, that can only be obtained by agreeing with Nimue.

Similarly, players can only acquire Nimue’s Vow despite having their deal after agreeing to kill The One True King.

After acquiring the Nimue’s Vow and successfully defeating The One True King, the Nimue’s Vow will become stronger.

Nimue’s Vow will transform, evolving into the legendary Nimue’s Blood-Marred Vow, a unique item usable in several quests.

Receiving the GIft of Unbound in Remnant 2
A player receiving the Gift of Unbound from the goddess of fae.

Players can use the Nimue’s Blood-Marred Vow to receive the Gift of the Unbound by returning it to the Nimue.

Thus the player decides to make their own choices and play the game on their preferred storyline.

The Bottom Line

In Remnant 2, the Rod of the Retribution is a deadly creation that represents the symbol of allegiance and power.

The Rod of the Retribution serves the sole purpose of defeating the Nimue, the Goddess of Fae.

In conclusion, players must choose whether to obtain the Rod of the Retribution or other quest items.

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