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Data Input In Xenoverse 2: Dodge And Weave

Even though Xenoverse 2 has different skills available, some players still prefer Data Input, which makes them feel overpowered.

The skill will unlock in the mid-level and is available for Android 13, 14 and 15.

Data Input is a super skill in Xenoverse 2 that automatically allows the user to dodge basic melee attacks for about 20 seconds. However, to use it, press the Y button on Xbox and the Triangle button on PlayStation.

Continue reading to learn more about data input and how to use it efficiently in Xenoverse 2.

What Is Data Input In Xenoverse 2?

Data Input is a unique technique that lets you dodge specific battle attacks.

It helps avoid damage but doesn’t dodge ki blasts or grabs while using Android 13, 14 and 15.

Additionally, it can be interrupted by specific moves, such as throws and heavy strikes.

However, you can obtain Data Input from the Future Warrior as a reward for completing Expert Mission 20: “Harbinger of Doom.”

Therefore, it can make your character better at avoiding hand-to-hand punches and kicks.

You can use the Data Input with other defensive moves, such as Pose J (auto guard) or Pose K (increased stamina regen).

Furthermore, this will make you more difficult to hit even if Data Input is interrupted.

Likewise, use it in Player Vs. Environment as the AI is more likely to use basic melee attacks.

You can also use it with a Super Soul that buffs your defense or stamina, making you even more tanky.

data input xenoverse 2
Data Input is a valuable skill for avoiding punches and kicks.
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How To Use Data Input In Xenoverse 2?

Here are some points that can help you use Data Input efficiently:

1. Equip Data Input

Firstly, ensure that your character has obtained the Data Input skill by completing Expert Mission 20: Harbinger of Doom.

Then, equip one of their skill slots from the character customization menu in Xenoverse 2.

Once you have obtained the skill, assign it to one of your character’s Super Skill slots.

harbinger of doom
You can obtain Data Input from the Future Warrior as a reward for completing Expert Mission 20: Harbinger of Doom.

2. Enter A Battle

Start a battle or mission where you can use skills, whether a parallel quest, story mission, or any other game mode.

Moreover, having enough ki to use Data Input would be best.

Therefore, you can build up ki using the basic attack (usually the square or X button) or other ki-charging moves.

3. Activate The Skill

Press the button assigned to the skill slot to activate the skill in battle.

Then, your character will perform the Data Input move, and you’ll see a glow or aura around them, indicating that the skill is active.

However, it would be best to wait for it to take effect, which will take a few seconds.

4. Avoid Basic Melee Attacks

Stand still once Data Input is active, and it will automatically dodge basic melee attacks.

However, the skill will be interrupted if a ki blast hits you or a grab attack.

If an opponent tries to attack you with a basic melee attack (punch or kick), you don’t have to do anything, as your character will dodge it.

The Bottom Line

Awareness of Data Input limitations is essential, though it is a valuable skill for avoiding punches and kicks.

Remember that Data Input won’t work against energy-based attacks like ki blasts, mainly for avoiding hand-to-hand combat moves.

Therefore, make sure to time using Data Input well to dodge your opponent’s attacks effectively.

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