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How To Reach The Ashen Wasteland In Remnant 2?

Ashen Wasteland is a location within the Root Earth. Furthermore, the Wasteland holds many secrets that players can come across. 

Ashen Wasteland holds many secrets that players can unveil through exploration in Remnant 2. Furthermore, the area also holds one of many bosses within Root Earth.

Continue reading the article to learn more about the Ashen Wasteland and its secrets in Remnant 2.

Where Is Ashen Wasteland In Remnant 2?

The Ashen Wasteland is a zone with the Root Earth. Furthermore, the area contains areas to explore and monsters to defeat.

Additionally, Ashen Wasteland is one of three zones in the Root Earth; the other areas are Corrupted Harbor and Blackened Citadel.

Each zone within the Root Earth holds its secrets. However, the Ashen world seems to hold quite a hefty number of secrets.

Furthermore, players can come across the boss monster of the area, such as Cancer.

Players will obtain a weapon mod called Defrag when they defeat the boss monster. This mod inflicts Malware and also causes Glitches.

Additionally, players claim this mod is a requirement to obtain the Archon Archetype in the game.

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Secrets Of Ashen Wasteland In Remnant 2

The Ashen Wasteland holds a lot of secrets. However, the significant secrets are all linked to items players can obtain in the Wasteland.

Here is a list of all the secrets of Ashen Wasteland in Remnant 2:

1. Reaping Stone Ring

When the players enter the Ashen Wasteland, they must go down the first building using the huge on the side to enter the highway.

After they enter the highway, they must move toward the main road and head to the left side of the map.

Here, players will find a small hole where the players must crouch and enter. This will take the players to a ruined building.

Crouch through the opening
Crouch through the opening and head to the ruined building in Ashen Wasteland.

After you enter the building, go up a ramp on the left and jump across to the other side. Then, jump down a hole in the floor.

At the end of the path, players will find a ring, Reaping stone.

You will find the reaping stone
You will find the reaping stone within the rubble in Remnant 2

2. Steel Katana And Dendroid Set

Follow the aforementioned steps, however, instead of jumping down the hole in the floor.

Players must go towards the end of that platform and jump towards the concrete column next to the entrance.

Head towards the platform
Head towards the platform, and you will find the loot right below you

Then, head outside the building, and you will find a loot below you. This loot will provide you with the Katana and the Denroid set.

After you finish looting, you will find a wrecked truck above a crater.

3. Hellfire

Players will find a massive Root next to the truck that goes to the highway above. Players must climb up and then drop below unto the cargo.

Here, you will find the crater mentioned above; inside the crater, you will find the Hellfire next to a pile of rubble.

You will find hellfire in the crater
You will find the Hellfire among the rubble in the crater of Ashen Wasteland of Remnant 2.

4. Resonating Heart

Players must move to the next area until they find the first-world Shard. Players will find a hole in the floor in one of the rooms within the same building.

Then, players must enter the hole and grab the Resonating Heart.

Furthermore, players will also find the second world shard as they explore the area.

After players find the second world shard, this will act as a checkpoint for the first boss of the area.

The first boss of the area is Cancer, and the weak point for the boss is its back.

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The Bottom Line

The worlds in Remnant 2 hold various secrets, and some take a lot of exploration and time to figure out. 

Additionally, each secret is worth the time because, in many cases, these secrets will allow players to obtain great items or even find ways to progress the story further.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding the secrets and exploring the Ashen Wasteland of Remnant 2.

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