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The Lament Boat In Remnant 2- Solve The Puzzle

If you are looking for a hidden treasure in Remnant 2, you might want to check out the Lament dungeon on Yaesha.

There, you will find a boat suspended in the air by ropes, and you need to lower it and use it to cross a river.

In the Lament dungeon, a secret boat contains a rare item called the Lodestone Crown. The boat is located near the room’s door with the floating platforms, so you must dodge through the illusory wall near the door.

Continue reading to learn how to find a boat and get the reward behind it.

What Is The Lament In Remnant 2?

The Lament is a mysterious and hidden dungeon. It is located in Remnant 2, a third-person action role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Lament dungeon resides on the lush planet of Yaesha and is one of the game’s most challenging and puzzle-filled dungeons.

It contains minimal fighting, but players must use their brains and timing to escape traps and answer riddles.

The Lament dungeon also has a secret boat with a precious artifact.

The artifact is called the Lodestone Crown, a flashlight helmet that exposes hidden mysteries in the dark.

How To Reach The Boat In Lament Dungeon?

The boat in the Lament dungeon is a secret section containing the Lodestone Crown, a rare treasure.

Further, this item is a piece of headgear that boosts the wearer’s elemental resistance and damage.

To reach the boat, look for an illusory wall near the room’s entryway with the floating platforms.

remnant 2 lament illusory wall
Lament illusory wall

You may get to the boat by avoiding the wall and following the route behind it.

The boat contributes to the dungeon’s idea of being a burial spot for the Pan, a race of humanoid animals who reside in Yaesha.

remnant 2 lament floating platform bridge
floating platform bridge

However, the Pan believe that their spirits will sail to the hereafter in boats. Therefore they float their deceased down the river.

Fortunately, these boats are everywhere in the Lament dungeon, although intruders have looted or destroyed some.

The Lodestone Crown In Remnant 2

Lodestone Crown is a one-of-a-kind armor component in the computer game Remnant 2.

Since the Pans believe their souls will sail to the afterlife on boats.

Hence, the Lodestone Crown plays an important role in their culture and history.

Remnant 2 armor lodestone crown
The Lodestone Crown is part of the Pan’s culture.

It is a green crown with considerable light, making it suitable for darkish situations.

In addition to increasing your elemental resistance, it also increases your damage.

For example, you can use it when fighting enemies who use fire, ice, or lightning attacks.

It also has a weight of 31 and a base armor value of 5.

How To Get The Lodestone Crown?

To get the Lodestone Crown, you must first locate it in Yaesha’s The Lament dungeon.

Generally, this dungeon is famous for its riddles and traps, so be cautious.

The crown is located in a secret hallway that may be reached after completing the door problem in the checkpoint chamber.

Therefore, you must roll through some vases in the room’s corner to discover a hole that leads one story down.

Further, head right and descend to a tiny pool with a waterfall.

Finally, there is a tunnel behind the waterfall that goes to the crown.

The Bottom Line

Players who explore the Lament dungeon thoroughly and carefully will be rewarded with the boat, a hidden prize.

Additionally, the boat serves as a metaphor for Yaesha’s struggles, history, and cultural beliefs, as well as for the Pan.

Therefore, the boat is an in-game discovery that is both difficult and rewarding, giving the game additional substance and excitement.

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