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Amazon Music Wrapped 2023: Truth Or Hoax

Amazon Music is a popular streaming platform with over 100 million songs and thousands of podcasts.

Having similarities with another music streaming site, Spotify, users are curious if the platform also has a Wrapped feature.

Wrapped features in music platforms including Spotify, that provide insights into top artists, songs, and genres of the year. 

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Does Amazon Music Have A Wrapped?

Amazon Music offers users a great experience, thanks to their unmatchable genre and original songs.

Moreover, users can spend their time listening to podcasts from popular news platforms, including CNN,  The Daily, and USA Today.

amazon music wrapped
Users can listen to thousands of podcasts on Apple Music.

Users spend hundreds of hours listening to their favorite artists, genres, and songs.

However, they will not have an idea of the top songs and artists or the exact minutes they spend in their app.

One such feature is Spotify, which provides data, recap, and comparison with friends for users at the end of the year.

If users wonder if the app also has the same features to flashback their 2023, the answer is No.

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Does Amazon Music Do A Wrapped Like Spotify?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not do a wrapped like Spotify or have similar features.

However, it does offer a few better features than its competitors, including My Discover Mix, which releases weekly.

Other features include HD and Ultra Music, X-ray music, 360 reality audio, ad-free service, and Alexa voice control.

Nonetheless, if players want a Wrapped feature like Spotify, they must download external apps, which may be risky.

One of the third-party apps that provide Amazon Music insights is Tune My Music.

How To See Amazon Music Wrapped 2023?

Amazon Music does not have Wrapped features, unlike Spotify; however, users can make use of external apps to do so.

If players have Spotify and plan to switch to Amazon Music, they can use TuneMy Music.

Users can generate a playlist and link Spotify and Amazon music by getting the insights using the Wrapped feature.

Moreover, Users can also link to other music platforms, including Apple Music, Deezer, TikTok Music, and Sound Cloud.

Users should visit the Tune My Music Site, select the source, and sign in to the Spotify account.

Select the Music Platform source to transfer the playlist.

Further, users should copy the URL of their Playlist, Load the Playlist, and select Amazon Music as the destination.

When Is Amazon Music Wrapped 2023 Launching?

With Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music around, Amazon Music has some tough competition.

However, most of the platforms do not allow features that Amazon offers and vice versa.

If Amazon introduces Wrapped features to know the details, playlists, and top artists, it can boast the competition.

Moreover, if there are thousands of requests or feedback for the app to add a Wrapped feature, it could work on the request.

Players should Launch the App>Settings>Help & Feedback> Provide Wrapped Request to provide the feedback.

The Bottom Line

The Amazon Music Wrapped feature is not available as of now.

Nonetheless, compared to its rivals, it offers numerous features, like HD music and over 2 million original songs.

Hopefully, Amazon Music will launch the Wrapped feature to boast its completion in upcoming years.

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