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Explore The Risk Of Rain Returns Cape

Risk Of Rain Returns has introduced 10 new items in the game for the players.

Many players are excited about the Prophet’s Cape, which is one of the 10 items.

The Risk Of Rain Returns Prophet’s cape is a valuable item that allows players to explore randomly generated levels and hidden areas. It gives the player a second chance to survive a fatal hit from enemies.

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Risk Of Rain Returns Cape

The Risk of Rain Returns Prophet’s cape is a new item that can be obtained in the classic roguelike action game Risk of Rain Returns.

The cape is based on the Bitmoji style of emojis, which are used for the game’s graphics and characters.

Prophet's Cape
Prophet’s Cape in Risk Of Rain Returns.

The cape’s primary effect is to grant temporary invulnerability and healing upon being struck.

Moreover, its invulnerability frames last for a short duration, typically around half a second.

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How To Get The Cape In Risk Of Rain Returns?

In the Risk Of Rain Returns, you can easily unlock the Prophet’s Cape.

Firstly, you need to change the “Damage Taken” in the game rules to 999%.

damage taken
Make the damage taken to 999%.

Afterwards, you must dodge through Jellyfish to get the cape.

The jellyfish relentlessly pursue the player, inflicting persistent damage through continuous contact.

Prophet's Cape
Players obtaining the Prophet’s cape.

Overall, obtaining the Prophet’s Cape requires a combination of luck, exploration, and engaging in challenging encounters.

Moreover, the cape can also be combined with other items and artifacts to create powerful synergies and effects.

It can be paired with the artifact of glass, which increases the player’s damage but reduces their health.

Players can stack more items that benefit from the cape’s effects by using the artifact of command.

Tips For Using Cape In Risk Of Rain Returns

After obtaining the Prophet’s Cape in the game, players should be mindful about how and when to use it.

Here is a list of tips to use Cape effectively:

  • When surrounded by enemies, under heavy fire, or low on health, activate the Cape to escape hazardous situations.
  • Use the cape to access places like chests, shrines, and drones for valuable loot.
  • Players must use the cape to discover hidden stages, easter eggs, and lore entries scattered throughout the map.
  • Utilize the cape to dodge enemy attacks, especially projectiles, lasers, and explosions.
  • Leverage the Cape’s invulnerability frames to fight enemies, particularly those that deal significant damage or have unavoidable trajectories.

The Bottom Line

The Prophet’s Cape is a powerful item that can significantly impact the player’s ability to survive and progress in the game.

Its ability to provide temporary invulnerability and healing makes it a valuable asset, particularly in challenging situations.

However, its short invulnerability frames and limited healing require careful usage to maximize its effectiveness.

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