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Risk Of Rain Returns Secrets: Unveil The Character

Risk of Rain Returns has secrets waiting to be unveiled at every turn, from hidden treasures to mysterious characters and abilities.

Players have discovered a way to unlock a secret character, Robomando, the 16th character in the game.

Among various secrets in Risk of Rain Returns, Robomando emerges as the 16th character; players can unlock this hidden character by exploring specific maps, finding unique items, and completing challenges across different difficulty levels in the game.

In this article, we will discuss how to unlock Robomando, the secret character in Risk of Rain Returns.

Who Is The Secret Character In Risk Of Rain Returns?

Risk of Rain Returns is an action game with a third-person shooter and multiplayer features.

The game changes the action rogue-like game with new loot and systems.

Risk of Rain Returns has a lot of secrets yet to be unfolded. 

However, in this world full of secrets, players have stumbled upon a hidden gem: Robomando, the secret 16th character.

This discovery has sparked excitement among gaming enthusiasts.

In a game initially offering 15 playable characters, Robomando adds an extra layer of mystery and thrill.

​Powers Of Robomando

Robomando’s special abilities set it apart from the other characters in the game.

Here’s a list of Robomando’s unique abilities:

  • Dodge Move: Robomando boasts a special dodge move inspired by the Commando’s combat roll.
  • Mechanical Object Activation: One of Robomando’s standout features is the ability to activate mechanical objects without incurring any cost.
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How To Unlock Robomando?

Follow these steps to bring this mysterious character to life in your gaming experience:

1. Drizzle Difficulty Run

Players need to initiate a new Risk of Rain Returns run at the ‘Drizzle‘ difficulty level.

drizzle risk of rain returns
Start a run by turning on Drizzle.

2. Explore Temple Of The Elders

Explore the Temple of the Elders map and locate a clay pot on the map’s far left or right side.

Now, break the pot to reveal the coveted Strange Battery item.

temple of elders
Explore the Temple of the Elders.

3. UES Contact Light Adventure

Now, progress to the UES Contact Light map in your run and find the secret dancing golems below the map.

Access the hidden area behind the golems using the broken part of the ship in the bottom right room (unlocked with a card before the Providence fight).

Then, insert the obtained Strange Battery into the equipment chest in this secret area.

4. Rainstorm Or Monsoon Difficulty Run

After, start a fresh run at either ‘Rainstorm‘ or ‘Monsoon‘ difficulty levels.

5. Retrieve Stage 2 Battery

Here, reach stage 2 in your new run and locate the chest containing another Strange Battery.

strange battery risk of rain
Locate the chest that contains the Strange battery.

6. Stage 3 Teleporter Event

Progress to stage 3 and successfully complete the teleporter event.

Moreover, wait until exactly 22 minutes on stage 3 before using the teleporter.

7. Encounter On Stage 4

Then, reach stage 4 in your run and search for Robomando, who may spawn in a secret area.

Interact with Robomando; remember that you are supposed to lose in the ensuing battle.

robomando risk of rain
You will find Robomando spawning in the secret area.

The Bottom Line

Risk of Rain Returns is a game full of surprises, and the biggest one is Robomando, a secret character.

With special skills and being the 16th character, Robomando makes the game even more fun and interesting.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to unlock the new secret character in the Risk of Rain Returns.

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