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Bitter Root: Boosting You Health In Risk Of Rain Returns

You can find Bitter Root in chests and drops from enemies at any stage in the Risk of Rain Returns.

Moreover, its extra health can be a game-changer in challenging situations.

Bitter Root is a healing item in Risk of Rain Returns, which increases the player’s maximum health by 8% and stacks up to 38 times for 300% extra health.

Continue reading to learn more about Bitter Root, how to get it, and its usages in Risk of Rain Returns.

Bitter Root In Risk Of Rain Returns

Bitter Root is a common healing item that boosts your health in Risk of Rain Returns.

When you grab it, your maximum health goes up by 8%.

You can stack this effect, meaning the health boost keeps improving if you find more Bitter Roots.

However, it can stack up to 38 times or 300% extra health.

Moreover, you need to reach 650 health to unlock Bitter Root.

Hence, you can increase your chances of finding Bitter Root by playing longer loops.

 increase maximum health
Bitter Root can increase maximum health by 8%.
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How To Get Bitter Root In Risk Of Rain Returns?

By following these points, you can obtain Bitter Root in Risk of Rain Returns:

  1. Firstly, you need to meet a condition: reach 650 health in the game to get the Bitter Root.
  2. You can play on the Drizzle difficulty to make things a bit easier.
  3. The Command artifact lets you choose items, making it handy for obtaining specific ones, so utilize it.
  4. Moreover, look out for green chests and prioritize getting the Infusion item from it when you spot one.
  5. This item increases your health permanently, which helps you reach health goal 650.
  6. Once you reach 650 health, Bitter Root unlocks, so grab it.
  7. It works immediately, and you don’t have to complete the level; it is yours.
  8. It stacks multiplicatively, so each additional stack of Bitter Root will increase your maximum health by 8%.
shipping details
Shipping details of a Bitter Root.

Usages Of Bitter Root In Risk Of Rain Returns

Bitter Root is a versatile item that you can use in a variety of ways, some of them are:

  1. The primary function of Bitter Root is to increase maximum health.
  2. So, it is very beneficial when enemies are more powerful in the late stages.
  3. You can drop it on the ground so other players with lower health can pick it up to heal themselves.
  4. You can also stack them strategically to create a robust and tanky character.
  5. The health boost from Bitter Root remains throughout your current run and provides continuous benefits.
  6. It synergizes with other items that boost health or provide defensive benefits.

How To Use Bitter Root Effectively?

Here are some examples of how you can use Bitter Root effectively:

  1. Combining Bitter Root with items like Infusion can make your character exceptionally durable.
  2. A Mercenary player can stack Bitter Root and Tougher Times to increase their maximum health by over 500%.
  3. This allows them to deal massive damage with their Whirlwind ability and tank even the most potent attacks.
  4. A Loader player can stack Bitter Root and White Items to increase their maximum health by over 500%.
  5. This allows them to survive the most extended loops and take down even the most challenging bosses.
  6. A multiplayer group can use Bitter Root to heal each other and stay alive longer.
  7. For example, a Huntress player can drop Bitter Roots on the ground for a Mercenary player to pick up and heal themselves.

The Bottom Line

Bitter Root is a powerful item, especially when combined with other items that increase health.

Stacking up Bitter Roots can also make your character quite robust, so watch for them.

Therefore, your character becomes sturdier and more resilient against the challenges with Bitter Root.

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