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Ritzy Riviera In Fortnite: Vault And Weapon Case

Ritzy Riviera is one of the new locations of Fortnte Chapter 5 Season 1: Underground.

The area is a designed harbor with numerous boats and yachts.

Ritzy Riviera, one of the new hubs in Fortnite, is located west on the map’s edge and has a Vault just behind the main building across the Archery.

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Ritzy Riviera In Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 5 has everything to offer to bring back its old fans and new gamers.

The update has new loot pools, exciting skins, numerous locations, unique vehicles, and improved animations.

A few of the locations are Ritzy Riviera, Rebel’s Boost, Reckless Railways, Snooty Steppes, and Plesant Piazza.

All new locations have exclusive loot pools, weapon cases,  hidden areas, and few enemies.

Ritzy Riviera Location In Fortnite

Ritzy Riviera is located in the West Chapparal Biome and has vibrant surroundings.

fortnite new map
Players can find Ritzy Riviera on the west side of the map.

The location is on the edge of the map, offering the Vault and keycard area.

Players can easily reach the location of the battle plane that passes through or starts from the Ritzy Riviera.

ritzy riviera fortnite
Players should view the Plane route and drop at the nearest spot connecting to the Ritzy Riviera.

Otherwise, players should reach there searching for a vehicle or sprinting.

Moreover, when starting the battle royale, players can choose one of the three-match quests on the screen’s left side.

The area may not have more players, considering it is on the edge; nevertheless, players can keep an eye on the blue zone.

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Rizty Riviera Vault

All eight scattered areas have vaults and weapon cases that provide exclusive utilities to players in Chapter 5.

Some of the areas can be a hot drop; hence, players must be well-prepared to face other players.

Similarly, players can also find the Vault at the Ritzy Riviera at the center.

Players should go right after passing through the Archery and reach the location of the stairs.

ritzy riviera vault
Reach the location of the stairs from the Archery.

Furthermore, players should enter the tiny green door and swipe keycards players collect from the loot.

Players can get the cards somewhere around the Ritzy Riviera’s main building.

Swiping the card will unlock the Vault, which contains standard and rare chests.

Players can find rare items, uncommon weapons, and many other items.

Moreover, players should ensure they collect every weapon case possible; hence, they don’t miss out on XP addition as well.

Besides the Vault, players can search for other buildings and hidden areas to collect more loot.

The Bottom Line

All new main hubs of Fortnite’s new maps contain Vault and exclusive loots.

Players must be careful exploring the Vault if they are the center of the map or zone that appears there.

However, in the case of Ritzy Riviera, it is not yet the Hot Drop, so players can try exploring the area.

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