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Nisha’s Challenge: What Is Inside The Fencing Fields Vault?

The Fencing Fields Vault is like an underground chamber guarded by a boss named Nisha.

However, you can find this vault within the location called Fencing Field in Fortnite.

The Fencing Fields Vault is a cellar guarded by the boss Nisha, where players can obtain the key, a Society Medallion, unlocking the vault and revealing a Mod Bench upon defeating her.
Continue reading to learn more about the Fencing Fields Vault, how to unlock it, and rewards from it in Fortnite.

Fencing Fields Vault In Fortnite Chapter 5

The Fencing Fields is a special place where players can find a Mod Bench.

It allows them to customize and upgrade their weapons.

However, it’s important to note that using Mod Benches requires in-game currency known as Gold Bars.

Fencing Field location in Fortnite
You can find the vault within the Fencing Fields location in Fortnite.

The Vault is hidden within the Fencing Fields location on Fortnite island.

Players need to defeat the boss named Nisha, who guards the Vault, to access the Fencing Fields Vault.

Upon defeating Nisha, she drops a Society Medallion, a unique item that serves as the key to unlock the Vault.

The Medallion also has the additional benefit of providing shield regeneration when placed in the player’s inventory.

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How To Unlock Fencing Fields Vault?

Firstly, begin by landing at the Fencing Fields location on the Fortnite map.

Look for Nisha inside a large building within Fencing Fields as she is the boss guarding the Fencing Fields Vault.

She’s the Fancy Fencer, and she’s not giving away her vault key.

You’ll need to defeat her in a duel worthy of the Fortnite goods.

So, brush up on your building and shooting skills, because Nisha packs a mean sword and won’t hesitate to use it.

Once she’s down, claim her Society Medallion – your golden ticket to the vault.

golden ticket to the vault
Society Medallions are your golden ticket to the vault.

The vault is typically located within the same building where you encounter Nisha.

It might be underneath the bottom floor, accessible through areas like wine cellars.

After that, head towards the marked location of the vault, often indicated by a symbol on the map.

Stand close to the vault door and interact with it using the Society Medallion.

The Medallion acts as a key, granting access to the locked vault.

Once the vault door opens, enter the vault area.

Inside the vault, you will find the Mod Bench, a special station for customizing weapons.

Moreover, the Mod Bench allows you to apply various modifications to your weapons for in-game advantages.

Approach the Mod Bench and interact with it to open the customization menu.

Likewise, customizing weapons at the Mod Bench requires Gold Bars.

Spend Gold Bars to apply modifications such as reducing recoil or increasing magazine capacity.

Rewards From Fencing Fields Vault 

The key reward for defeating Nisha is the Society Medallion which serves as the key to unlocking the Fencing Field Vault.

The Society Medallion, when picked up and placed in your inventory, provides shield regeneration.

This shield regeneration is beneficial for restoring and maintaining your in-game character’s health.

Inside the vault, you’ll find the Mod Bench, a unique station for customizing and modifying weapons.

The Mod Bench allows you to enhance your weapons with various modifications for improved performance.

While exploring the vault, you may find Gold Bars, the in-game currency used for purchasing weapon modifications at the Mod Bench.

The Bottom Line

Unlocking the Fencing Fields Vault grants access to the Mod Bench, where you can further customize your weapons using Gold Bars.

The Vault may also contain additional loot, such as rare weapons, consumables, or valuable items.

However, the vault’s offerings are randomized, so no two trips will be the same.

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