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Rogue Not Calling In Chippin In: Try These Fixes

The Chippin’ In Quest is a side quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

Completing the Search and Destroy primary story mission triggers this quest.

Players of the Chippin’ In quest in Cyberpunk 2077 are having trouble getting calls from Rogue. There could be several problems causing this glitch.

This article discusses the Chippin In Quest and Rogue not calling issue in Chippin In.

Introduction To Chippin In Quest

In Cyberpunk 2077, Chippin’ In is a side task assigned by Johnny Silverhand.

He is a legendary rocker boy who exists as a digital ghost in V’s head

To complete the quest, the main character, V, must assist Johnny Silverhand in resolving some unresolved issues with his former partner and girlfriend, Rogue.

Further, Rogue calls V during the journey and asks them to meet her at the Afterlife.

V learns from Rogue about a relic chip she discovered that holds Johnny Silverhand’s memories and character.

Also, he begs V to assist her in getting the chip placed in their head.

This is because they can speak with Johnny and learn more about his past.

V agrees to assist Rogue, and the two go to a covert clinic to get the chip in.

Moreover, V starts to have flashbacks of Johnny’s memories after the operation.

To learn the truth about Johnny’s past and put an end to a corporate plot, V and Johnny are compelled to cooperate.

The quest is crucial for the players because it allows them to interact with Johnny more closely and discover his upbringing and character.

Players who complete the mission will also receive Johnny’s legendary automobile and gun, vital game assets.

After finishing Tapeworm’s main plot task, players must talk to Johnny to begin the quest.

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Steps And Rewards In Chippin In Quest

The Chippin In Quest has several steps and choices that can affect the outcome and the relationship between V and Johnny.

Johnny Chippin In quest
Johnny is a formidable character in Cyberpunk 2077.

The steps are as follows:

  • Join Rogue as you visit the hidden clinic.
  • Agree to the operation in conversation with the doctor.
  • Implant the relic chip.
  • Experience Flashbacks of Johnny’s past deeds.
  • Join forces with Johnny to learn the truth about his history and foil a corporate plot.

The Chippin’ In quest is one of the most significant and rewarding side quests in Cyberpunk 2077.

This is because it reveals more about Johnny Silverhand and his motivations.

Moreover, it also has a significant bearing on how the game ends.

Therefore, everybody who wants to experience Cyberpunk 2077 to the fullest should start with the Chippin’ In quest.

Rogue Not Calling In Chippin In Quest

Players are having trouble with the Chippin In quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

In this quest, Rogue, a character in the game, must call the players back, but she never does.

This is a widespread glitch that a lot of people have experienced.

Moreover, it will stop you from advancing in the mission and earning the rewards.

Here are some possible solutions to this bug:

1. Reload The Quest

One solution is to try again after loading an earlier save before you begin the Chippin In quest.

Rogue may call you again after a day if this fixes the bug.

However, this technique can cause you to lose some of your game progress and achievements.

2. Kill The Time By Sleeping

Also, going to your apartment and spending the night there with the option of leaving the building is another solution.

This reportedly caused Rogue’s call to be activated for some players.

If this doesn’t work immediately, you should try it again.

3. Avoid Sweet Dreams Quest

Avoiding the Sweet Dreams quest, another game-side mission, is a third option.

This quest seems to interfere with Rogue’s call and cause the bug.

To bypass this quest if you’ve already completed it, you may need to load a save from before you completed it.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Rogue not calling is a bug in Cyberpunk 2077 that prevents Rogue from calling back in the Chippin In quest.

This prevents players from progressing and collecting rewards for the quest.

However, players can fix the bug by reloading an older save, sleeping in the apartment, or skipping another side quest that might interfere with Rogue’s call.

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