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How To Fix Cyberpunk Visual Glitch After Automatic Love?

The players of Cyberpunk have encountered visual errors after completing the Automatic Love main quest as a glitch.

In addition, players run into distorted visuals, flickering screens and text emerging on their screens, making them incapable of playing.

To address the visual glitch after the Automatic Love quest, you must avoid selecting the dialogue option that says, F**ked in the head worse than me. Alternatively, the best option is to start by reloading a saved game before entering the elevator and chatting with Johnny.

Continue reading to fix the Visual Glitch Effect in Cyberpunk that occurs after the Automatic Love.

What Is The Visual Glitch Effect In Cyberpunk?

The screen glitch effect is a bug that occurs as soon as you interact with Johnny Silverhand after the Automatic Love main quest.

This bug has caused frustration among Cyberpunk players due to failing to address the issue on their screens.

The primary source of the glitch is due to a malfunction in the Relic or biochip implanted into your character’s head.

Interaction with Johnny Silverhand
The screen glitch occurs as soon as you interact with Johnny Silverhand after the Automatic Love quest.

How Is The Visual Glitch Effect Activated?

During the game, the players come across two dialogue options that have the potential to activate this bug.

At this point, opting for the incorrect option could result in relic malfunction and cause the screen glitch effect.

Relic malfunction detected
The primary source of the glitch is due to a malfunction in the Relic or biochip that is implanted in the character’s head.

Eventhough the glitch is permanent and continues occurring even if you restart the game, you can fix this issue.

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Fix The Visual Glitch Effect In Cyberpunk

If you’re experiencing the screen glitch effect in Cyberpunk 2077, no need to worry cause here are a few ways to fix this issue.

1. Download The Mod

In order to fix the screen glitch effect, you can use a mod to your rescue.

Hence, to use Mod to your rescue, you’ll have to download and install it manually.

You can perform a drag-and-drop operation to transfer the mod’s zip file’s contents to the Cyberpunk 2077 root folder.

However, if you find installing the mod hectic, you can opt for Vortex, a mod manager that simplifies the process.

2. Reload A Previous Save After Automatic Love

One of the highly effective approaches for fixing the screen glitch is to avoid specific dialogue options that trigger the bug.

Afterward, the advised course of action is to proceed with reloading a previously saved file from an earlier point in the game.

Hence, you must load a save file before entering the elevator and initiate the chat with Johnny Silverhand.

Moreover, this will enable you to select a different dialogue option that can significantly avert the glitch from occurring.

3. Avoid A Specific Dialogue Option

Even though you’ve already progressed to the stage where the screen glitch is happening, you still have the opportunity to prevent it.

Choosing a particular dialogue option would be best when conversing with Johnny Silverhand.

Subsequent to an interrogation with Woodman, you’ll engage with Johnny Silverhand, which stimulates the Relic Malfunction.

Avoid A Specific Dialogue-Option
Engaging with Johnny Silverhand stimulates the Relic Malfunction.

However, you must select Asked you- what the hell do you want? Dialogue option to fix the screen glitch issue.

But remember to avoid choosing the F**ked in the head worse than me dialogue option.

4. Update Your Game

If you are encountering the screen glitch effect, you must install the latest version of Cyberpunk 2077 if you haven’t already.

Besides, regularly check for updates and install them because the developers may have already addressed the bug.

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5. Lower Your Graphics Settings

In the case where the previously mentioned methods are counterproductive, you must consider lowering your graphic settings.

Doing so will relieve the strain on your system and is more likely to prevent the screen glitch effect from happening.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the never-ending noisy dots covering the screen and the jagged mini-map infuriate the players.

This bug has no fix; however, this visual glitch can be prevented by following the aforementioned methods.

At this moment, players can only stay put for CD Projekt Red to address this issue in a future game patch.

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