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Agility Build And Weapons: Agile Assassin In Lords Of The Fallen

Agility is a stat that represents how nimble and quick your character is in Lords of the Fallen.

Moreover, it is also a requirement for equipping certain weapons and armor.

The best agility build can be made in Lords of the Fallen by considering starting class, leveling priority, weapon and armor selection, magic spell, equipment and accessories.

Continue reading to learn more about agility weapons and builds in Lords of the Fallen.

What Is Agility In Lords Of The Fallen?

Agility makes your character quicker and more agile in battles, allowing for faster and more nimble movements and attacks.

It affects your ability to move, dodge, and use certain weapons effectively.

Your character becomes faster and more agile in combat when you have higher Agility.

This means you can attack more swiftly, dodge enemy strikes more efficiently, and use weapons that rely on Agility.

Additionally, it is a good stat for players who want to use Agility-scaling weapons, such as bows, crossbows, daggers, and short swords.

Here are some tips listed for playing an agility build.

  • Use your movement speed to dodge and roll around enemies to avoid attacks.
  • Use agility-scaling weapons to deal more damage.
  • Invest in some Endurance, allowing you to survive a few hits before you go down.
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What Are Agility Build In Lords Of The Fallen?

Agility stat is essential to level up, as it strengthens your attacks and improves defense.

Here are the best Agility builds listed below:

1. Starting Class

First, start with the Exiled Stalker class which is a good choice for an agility build because it doesn’t waste points in strength.

Moreover, this Class has the highest agility stat of all starting classes.

It also allows you to focus on Agility and other vital stats.

2. Leveling Priority

The main goal is to level up your agility stat first.

You can invest in some Endurance to increase your health and stamina.

Agility is a key for an agility build as it increases your attack power with agile weapons.

For example, if your Agility is high (20-30 points), you can wield weapons like Bloodlust effectively.

3. Weapon And Armor Selection

Players can look for weapons that scale with Agility for better damage output.

Fast and light weapons like daggers and short for melee combat and a bow or crossbow for ranged combat.

  • Daggers: Like the Exiled Stalker Dagger, which is quick and ideal for hit-and-run tactics.
  • Short swords: Hallowed Praise, a short sword, combines physical and holy damage while scaling with Agility.

Agility-scaling weapons such as the Sin Piercer bow, Talon dagger, and Kukajin’s Sword are all excellent choices.

Wear light armor to maximize your mobility.

4. Magic Spells

You can experiment with different spells to see which ones suit your preferences.

  • Deception: to create illusions that distract enemies, providing opportunities for quick, precise strikes.
  • Solace: to enhance your survivability, offering shields and health regeneration.

5. Equipment And Accessories

Equip items that boost Agility or damage with agility-scaling weapons, such as:

  • Rings: The nimble Ring enhances Agility, while the Cursewyrm Ring boosts damage.
  • Pendants: The Miner’s Pendant can increase your Agility further.
the cursewyrm ring boosts damage
The Cursewyrm Ring boosts damage.

What Are Agility Weapons In Lords Of The Fallen?

Agility weapons are fast and light weapons that work best with characters focusing on Agility as their primary stat.

If you prefer to stay at a distance from enemies, then a bow or crossbow is a good choice,

You can choose a dagger or short sword if you prefer to get up close and personal.

Furthermore, you can also dual-wield agility weapons, but remember you will take more damage.

Some of the agility weapons are:

  • Bows
  • Crossbows
  • Daggers
  • Short swords
list of some agility weapons
A list of some agility weapons include axes, bows, crossbows etc.

Some of the wildly preferred agile weapons are:

1. Sin Piercer

This bow is great for ranged combat because it scales well with agility and deals with high damage.

It requires a substantial agility stat but offers high physical, holy, fire, and wither damage.

Additionally, it can inflict multiple status ailments with each arrow, making it versatile and deadly.

2. Bloodlust

It is one of the powerful agility weapons obtained after defeating the optional boss, Crimson Rector Percival.

It has relatively low stat requirements and inflicts both physical and fire damage.

Along with high ratings for bleed and burn status alignments.

3. Skull Scraper Dagger

It is a fast and agile weapon, ideal for an agility build.

It’s obtained by farming enemies that use daggers or short swords.

Furthermore, it boasts a high base attack damage and can be a lethal choice for swift and agile attacks.

4. Kukajin’s Sword

It is an excellent choice for agility builds because it scalesAgilityith Agility and deals high damage.

Additionally, it has a good range and a fast attack speed.

5. Itch

These fists are great for agility builds because they scale well, Agilityility and deal high damage.

They also have a fast attack speed and a chance to inflict the poison status effect on enemies.

The Bottom Line

Agility is a stat that affects your character’s movement speed and damage output with Agility-scaling weapons.

These builds require more skills; we recommend starting with a different build, such as strength or magic.

However, when choosing an agility weapon, it is essential to consider your playstyle.

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