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How To Start The Ceremony In Rogue Trader?

The Rogue Trader has many milestones and achievements to discover and the ceremony helps to mark it.

Players can start the ceremony to become an official successor in chapter 2 of Rogue Trader.

The Ceremony to become the official successor in Rogue Trader is triggered by talking to the master of ceremonies, who is in the middle of the throne room in the Palace in Dargonus.

Continue reading to learn more about the ceremony and steps to begin it in Rogue Trader.

What Is A Ceremony In The Rogue Trader?

A ceremony in Rogue Trader is a ritual or event that marks a significant milestone or achievement for a Rogue Trader or their crew.

The culture, traditions, and beliefs of the Rogue Trader often influence ceremonies.

Further, the circumstances and locations of the travel also influence the type of ceremony.

Some of the ceremonies in Rogue Trader include funerals, promotions, awards, or celebrations of successful missions and discoveries.

While the ceremony may vary in formality, scale, and purpose, it serves the purpose of reinforcing the bonds.

Additionally, it boosts the morale and loyalty of the Rogue trader and their crew.

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Steps To Start Ceremony To Become Successor In Rogue Trader

Players should follow certain steps to become a successor in Rogue Trader Chapter 2 officially.

Here are all the steps that start the ceremony:

1. Audience With The Governer

To begin the ceremony, you need to head back to the palace and meet with the governor for a formal audience.

Further, the dialogue choices will appear and you have to select your preferred options.

The choices you make will have some minor consequences later.

2. Master Of Ceremonies

Then, you have to locate and talk to the master of the ceremonies in the Rogue Trader.

The master of the ceremony is in the middle of the throne room in the palace in Dargonus.

Master of ceremonies in Rogue Trader
A dialogue box appears when players interact with the master of ceremonies to start the ceremony.

Further, he is responsible for starting the ceremony so you have to confirm your readiness to him.

3. The Ceremony

After telling the master of ceremonies that you are ready, the ceremony will begin.

You can witness a grand spectacle held in your honor with chanting priests and nobles in the audience.

Additionally, there is also a presentation of the rogue trader warrants.

4. The Reception

Further, in the Reception, Mingle with guests and receive gifts like served hand sword and coordinate oracle headpiece.

Then, choose the companions to stand beside you which is an optional step to get bonuses.

Moreover, the chosen companions for the ceremony offer minor stat bonuses later.

5. Throne Room Audience

Finally, you can address the court in the throne room after the ceremony rituals.

While addressing you can outline your vision and ambitions for the future.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the ceremony is an official event that marks your rise from a mere noble heir to a full-fledged Rogue Trader.

Further, it signifies the acceptance into the elite ranks of the adventurous explores and merchants.

Players can start the ceremony by defending the governor and talking to the master of ceremonies in the Palace.

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