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How To Clear Arcane Barrier In Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Arcane Barrier in Baldur’s Gate 3 is part of a side quest.

The quest portrays the relationship between certain characters and their dark tendencies.

The Arcane Barrier in BG3 is an obstacle that requires players to go through a side quest. To clear the Arcane Barrier around the Arcane Tower, you must destroy or deactivate the Arcane Cannons. 

This article discusses the Arcane Barrier and how to clear it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is Arcane Barrier In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Arcane Barrier BG3 is an obstacle that the players will encounter during the Auntie Ethel quest.

The quest deals with various characters, and the main characters are Mayrina and Aunty Ethel.

Similarly, the quest deals with a distraught Mayrina losing her husband but wanting to use necromancy to bring him back.

Furthermore, the quest requires players to deal with Aunty Ethel and her dark desires to use Mayrina.

However, this quest is not a main storyline but a side quest.

Thus, players do not need to complete this quest to progress through the main quest.

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How To Clear Arcane Barrier In Baldur’s Gate 3?

To clear the Arcane Barrier around the Arcane Tower, you must destroy or deactivate the Arcane Cannons.

You can do this by using Eldritch Blast or other magic to damage them or by finding a way to access their control panels and turn them off.

Access arcane barrier from auntie ethel
Start the side quest Auntie Ethel to get to the Arcane Barrier in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The first thing players must do is start the Aunty Ethel quest. Here is how to clear the Arcane Barrier.

  1. The quest progresses with players questioning Ethel about what she is doing to Mayrina. 
  2. After the confrontation, players must rescue Mayrina and get her to the basement using the fireplace. 
  3. The quest progresses with the players needing to rescue her two more times, once while she crosses through a strange door.
  4. The second time players save Mayrina, they must go up against the Old Hag. The old hag, which is Aunty Ethel. 
  5. Aunty Ethel possesses various skills and magic that can cause harm to the players.
  6. The players must defeat Aunty Ethel using the area around them. 
Defeat auntie ethel Bg3
Defeat Auntie Ethel and head to obtain the wand.
  1. Some players suggested they could easily defeat the old hag by making her plummet from the middle of the zone.
  2. After she dies, players must find the Bitter Divorce Wand and give it to Mayrina. 
Obtain the Bitter divorce wand in Bg3
Obtain the Bitter Divorce Wand and head back to Mayrina in Baldur’s Gate 3
  1. During this process, players will come across an Arcane Barrier.
  2. This Barrier stops anyone from entering the next portion of the quest. 
  3. Players need the Bitter divorce wand to go through the Arcane Barrier. 
Arcane barrier stops the progress in Bg3
The arcane Barrier stops players from progressing in Baldur’s Gate 3

Thus, this allows the players to access the Barrier and progress the quest.

Note: Some players have encountered a bug with the Barrier, where if the players defeat the old hag and then obtain the Bitter divorce wand, they cannot go through the Barrier. However, it seems to work fine if you obtain the wand first and defeat the hag. 

Clear Arcane Barrier Of Ramazith’s Tower

Many players may not be familiar with this, but there is another Arcane Barrier near the Ramazith’s Tower as well.

Players can find it after crossing the Socrerous Sundries in the Lowercity.

Initially, players will need to use the see invisibly potion or apply a Perception check.

After players succeed in the initial task, they need to activate the levers.

It is only possible by passing the Perception check with DC 20 twice due to the duality of the levers.

Arcane Barrier
Pass the perception check to get access.

After getting through the barrier players will receive Markohenshkir Legendary Staff and Robe of the Weav.

The Bottom Line 

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Arcane Barrier is one obstacle that requires the players to have patience and use their wits to solve the issue. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you through the arcane Barrier and complete the side quest.

Players can also unlock the Arcane barrier of Ramazith’s tower to receive two exclusive goods.

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