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Everything About Private Camille Regias In Rogue Trader

The Rogue Trader game has been providing various unique characters to their players, Private Camille Regias is one of them.

Although the main role of this character in the game is to guide and support the players, it can also lead to the trap.

Private Camille Regias is regarded as a traitor by many players in Rogue Trader but can stay loyal if players are careful and pass an awareness check in the game.

Continue reading to learn more about the role of  Private Camille Regias in Rogue Trader and find out why he is regarded as a traitor.

Introduction To Private Camille Regias 

Private Camille Regias is one of the main characters that players will come across in Rogue Trader among the other characters.

Firstly, when players enter the mansion that was damaged by the explosion or a large shell, they can meet Yong Warden.

Yong Warden is the only person who survives in heavy fighting against the rebels.

However, during the combat between these two, all the rebel forces will also be destroyed as well.

Now, after meeting the Young Warden players are finally able to have a conversation with Private Camille Regias.

In order for the gamers to meet the governor, Private Camille Regias will finally guide them from Starport directly to the command center.

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Why Is Private Camille Regias Regarded As A Traitor?

Private Camille Regias will trick the players into falling into a trap so many players think of this character as a traitor.

However, if players pass the awareness check in the game, the character will be loyal throughout the gameplay.

When players visit Rykad Minoris for the first time, they will meet the real Camille, who might seem a bit suspicious but stays loyal.

Meeting Private Camille Regias
Players are meeting with Private Camille Regias.

If players visit this place later instead of meeting with Private Camille Regias, they will find someone who’s actually a rebel.

Players can also kill him if they don’t want this character during their gameplay.

Moreover, it depends upon the players whether they kill or keep with them.

Ways To Complete Starport Task 

The Starport is the main quest where the player lands on the planet Rykad Minoris.

Here, they try to find out what is causing the sinful rebellion and the lockdown of the spaceport.

Players must visit the world’s governor during the game in order to finish this Starport Task.

Furthermore, they must ask for the crew members and supplies they need from the governor.

Emperor Pritects Location
The player facing rebels in Emperor Protects.

During the Startport task players can see the large and heavy ploughed down in the entire street of the mansion.

So, due to heavy ploughed on the street it will take a few days to clear the rubble.

Moreover, players can also collect some of the important items when they are passing through the damaged mansion.

When the players reach The Emperor Protects, they have to face some dangerous rebels.

The Bottom Line

Private Camille Regias is an interesting character that players can enjoy playing alongside in the game.

Players should always be aware of falling into the trap as Private Camille Regias sometimes might lead towards the trap.

However, he will remain loyal to the players till the end if they don’t harm.

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