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Sister Of Battle Quest Guide In Rogue Trader

Sister of Battle is a mysterious character in Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader who values principles and ethics.

Players can also make Sister of Battle a companion in the game’s early stages.

To complete the Sister of Battle personal Quest in Rogue Trader, players must complete the By The Right Of Blood mission and interact with the Orphans.

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Sister Of Battle In Rogue Trader

Sister of Battle, also known as Sister Argenta, is a companion in Level 1 with the origin of Ministorum Priest.

The ferocious Soldier boats the War Hymm talent but has no unique talents.

Nontheless, the military character offers proficiency in long-range combat by choosing an advantageous position.

Moreover, the military archetype also offers features, including Run and Gun.

Argenta also helps players with the following abilities: Auto Pistols, Med Kit, Mesh Chest Plate, and Unfading Falour.

Sister Of Battle Rogue Trader
Players can view Argenta’s skills, abilities, and weapons in the character icon.

The Sister of Battle’s ultimate ability is firearm mastery, and it has strength, agility, and perception as its characteristics.

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Sister Of Battle Mission In Rogue Trader

Here is a step-by-step process to complete the Sister Of Battle Mission In Rogue Trader;

1. Complete The By The Right Of Blood

Players can access the Battle Sister’s quest after completing the By The Right If Blood mission.

In the By The Right of Blood mission, players must accept Abelard’s aid and head and protect Navigator in Santorum.

Further, players must interact with the Navigator and make it to the meeting with an heir.

When players head to the Upper decks, they can hear the gunshots and Sister of Battle Approaching.

If players continue the conversation with Argenta, the Soldier will warn players about the white-haired warrior.

Further, the Sister of battle will question the player’s presence and ask for an introduction.

Players can answer by selecting any of the three dialogue options, but the first would be better.

rogue trader sister of battle
Continue the conversation with Argenta.

Even after providing the introduction, the Sister of Battle will question the presence in the Upper Decks.

Hence, players must respond by assuring they are No Traitor, but the Sister is not entirely convinced.

However, players should convince Argenta to end the quest by choosing suitable dialogues that match the question.

2. Approach Argenta 

After interacting with Argent, players will see Argenta somewhat anxious, and after a while, the Sister will provide players with a quest.

In the conversation, the Soldier asks players to meet the Orphans, and players should respond with the Third option.

Moreover, after accepting the request, Argenta will thank the players and the orphans except one.

The orphan’s parents died for the noble, and he is skeptical if they will die the same way or worse as the parents.

To consult the orphan, players can select the first option to give him hope and complete the quest in Rogue Trader.

The Bottom Line

Argenta, in Battle of Sisters, is a likable character due to the history and abilities she pursues. 

Players can engage in various Argenta quests including the Personal Request and Astray.

Progressing the levels and completing the mission will also assist companions to increase their firepower and abilities.

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