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Saving The Mole Bugged: Causes And Fixes

Saving the Mole is a quest where you have to locate the scientist’s hard drive and extract it from the Mechanic.

Players are currently facing a bug where they lose the hard drive after they collect and die along the way to the outside.

The  Saving the Mole bug may not be within the game as players have claimed to complete the quest by following the steps to extract the Hard drive. Try using spawn hidden below the self and try searching in the desks as the hard drive could be misplaced after dying.

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Overview Of Saving The Mole Bug In Escape From Tarkov

Saving the Mole Bug doesn’t seem like an internal game issue as many players have claimed to complete it.

In this bug when players die after extracting the hard disk, they cannot find it on their second visit.

According to players, the hard disk should be spawned in the same location but they cannot find it.

saving the mole bug
Players facing a bug in the Saving of Mole quest in Escape from Tarkov.

Still, many players are claiming different steps of completing the quests like

  1. Using the Spawn hidden below the Shelf
  2. Checking the desks after
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Causes Of Saving The Mole Bug

This bug may be due to some optimization issue in the latest update or the latest version of the game.

As you look deep into the game, when you try finding the hard disk in offline mode, you will find it in the place as usual.

But as you do the same process online the hard disk is missing which should not be in the game.

It also can be a programming dysfunction as the game package is not installed properly on your PC.

Hard Drive
Hard Drive that you need to search for the quest.

Fixes For Saving The Mole Bug In Escape From Tarkov

Solving this issue may take some time as we don’t know if that missing hardware is a bug or an intensional action.

You can try the following ways to fix the bug.

1. Try Surviving After You Extract The Hard Drive

Players face this bug as they die along the way after extracting the hard drive.

Hence, there are no complaints of missing hard drives as they survive after the extraction.

2. Use Spawn

You can find a spawning area beneath the Shelf in the Scientist’s room of the quest location.

Try using the spawn after you die and check the spot of the hard disk again.

3. Search In Different Spots

Actively explore the room, as the misplacement of the hard disk might be an inherent feature triggered when you die.

Some players have claimed to find it on different desks too.

Different Desks
Try searching around all the desks after your re-spawn.

4. Try Restarting Your Game

An internal game issue may actively cause this bug, stemming from improper booting of the gaming files.

So, make sure to check if your game is working properly and try reinstalling it if it’s not.

5. Connect With Officials

The answer to this issue can only be given by the developers themselves.

Only they know how they have designed and implemented the game and tell if it’s a bug or not.

The Bottom Line

Many players face the same issue, but some claim to complete the quest and get further.

Make sure to stay updated on the Official game channels and get more information about the quest in Escape From Tarkov.

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