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Unlock The Entrance Hall Using MVD Academy Key In Tarkov

Players can acquire keys to unlock various doors or containers in Tarkov and MVD academy key is one of them.

The MVD academy key is a special item in the game that can reward various items.

Players can use the MVD Academy Key to unlock the entrance hall of the MVD Academy inside the city of Tarkov. Further, players can obtain the key by looting scavs, buying from the flea market, or trading with barter traders.

Continue reading to learn more about the MVD academy key and how to get it in Escape from Tarkov.

What Is MVD Academy Key In Tarkov?

The MVD (Ministry of the Interior) Academy key is a rare key in Escape from Tarkov.

Further, it unlocks the door to the entrance hall inside the city MVD Academy building on the Streets of Tarkov map.

The MVD Academy is a large and relatively safe area with high-tier loot, such as weapons, ammo, armor, and intel items.

Likewise, the building is located in the southeast corner of the map, near the river and the bridge.

MVD academy key in Tarkov
The key is used to enter the Ministry of the Interior academy.

The key can be found in jackets, scavs, and other loot containers on various maps.

After using the key, the unlocked door leads to a room with a weapon box, a grenade box, and some loose loot.

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How To Get The MVD Academy Key In Escape From Tarkov?

The MVD academy key can be found in different locations around the Tarkov.

Furthermore, here are some ways that players can acquire the keys:

1. Using Barter

The key is exchangeable for different items through bartering.

  • 2x Bleach (found in the Goshan medical building on Shoreline)
  • 2x Propane tanks (found in various locations across maps)
  • 1x Military power filter (found in IDEA on Interchange)
  • 1x Secure container (found through Scav boss or other rare loot spawns)

2. Scav pockets

Players can find the keys in the backpack or pockets of the Scavs spawning around the map.

However, it’s a rare chance to find the key in the pockets of dead Scavs.

3. Flea market

Players can also buy the academy key from the flea market or trade it with other players.

The price on the Flea market can fluctuate depending on supply and demand.

Additionally, it’s currently valued at around 130,000 rubles.

Rewards For Unlocking The MVD Academy Key In Tarkov

The MVD Academy key is generally considered mid-tier in terms of value.

It’s useful for accessing valuable loot but not essential for completing tasks or securing high-tier loot.

Further, after the new patch update in Escape from Tarkov, there is an addition of a new boss Kollontay in MVD Academy.

Players can find Kollontay around Klimov Shopping Mall and the Tarkov Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the streets of Tarkov.

Similarly, after finding the key, players can use it to unlock the door to the academy building and encounter the boss.

Then, after defeating the boss, players can acquire various rewards, such as:

  • Rubber Baton
  • Tactical Shield
  • High-Value Armor and Weapons
  • Rare ammunition and equipment

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the MVD academy key is the key to the entrance hall inside the city in the Ministry of the Interior academy.

Players should be careful while entering inside the hall as there are many scavs around the building.

Additionally, unlocking the door to the building can get players valuable loot such as weapons and grenade boxes.

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