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Escape From Tarkov Latest Weapon: KBP 9A-91 9×39

Escape from Tarkov has just launched KBP 9A-91 9×39 compact assault rifle in its current PATCH

Moreover, this weapon might be the best solution for close to mid-range combat for the players.

The most recent weapon in Escape From Tarkov is KBP 9A-91 9×39, made available to all players in Escape From Tarkov current PATCH This weapon uses 9x39mm bullets and holds 20 rounds in its magazine.

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What Is KBP 9A-91 9×39 In Tarkov?

KBP 9A-91 9×39 is the latest assault rifle in Escape From Tarkov with a 20-round magazine capacity.

This assault rifle has semi-auto and Full auto Firing mechanisms, and the ammunition used in this assault rifle is 9*39mm.

The 9x39mm bullets are suitable for armor and non-armored enemies, making them reliable for different fights.

Similarly, players can use this weapon during closed to mid-range combat with the enemy.

Finally, the KBP 9A-91 9×39 assault rifle can be suitable for various situations in the game.

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Performance And Combat Strategies Of KBP 9A-91 9×39

KBP 9A-91 9×39 assault rifles are a key weapon in every loadout as they are balanced in both long and short-range battles.

However, the new KBP 9A-91 9×39 AR is set to be even better according to the changelogs.

Therefore, players must update the game to the latest version to get a firsthand experience of this gun.

First Look of the new KBP 9A-91 assault rifles
First look of the new KBP 9A-91 assault rifles in Tarkov.

This assault rifle does not recoil, so players can easily handle this weapon during the gameplay.

Moreover, this gun is small in size, so players can move faster by carrying it in the game.

Likewise, it might become one of the best weapons for shooting the enemy at short range.

Killing a player with KBP 9A-91 in Escape from Tarkov.
Killing a player with KBP 9A-91 in Escape from Tarkov.

Players can quickly kill the enemy in short range by using this weapon.

This weapon is readily available, and players can obtain this fantastic weapon from different loot or other players.

Tips To Fight With KBP 9A-91 9×39 

In Tarkov, players can improve their gameplay by mastering the KBP 9A-91 9×39 weapon.

Players can make this gun work better and even more powerful by adding various attachments.

Likewise, learning weapon handling and combining it with suitable attachments makes players stronger in the game.

Additionally, if players cannot control recoil in the game, these weapons can become their best option.

With an understanding of recoil control and the optimal use of attachments, players can effectively use this weapon.

Furthermore, players can improve their gameplay with this gun by practicing it regularly.

The Bottom Line

The KBP 9A-91 9×39 in Escape from Tarkov is a small in size but very strong gun.

Similarly, its 9x39mm ammunition makes it even more effective.

Likewise, mastering its recoil control and attaching the best attachments can enhance its performance in combat.

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