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Remnant 2: How To Obtain Scrap From Ring?

In Remnant 2, the Scrap ring is the primary resource for upgrading and buying weapons, consumables, and gear.

Mainly,  you can find scrap rings that are dropped when an enemy is defeated.

Likewise, it is an artifact that helps enhance your farming of Scraps.

You can obtain Scrap in Remnant 2 using Rings by defeating enemies, trading with NPCs in Ward 13, or selling Lumenite Crystals.

Furthermore, this guide will show you how to use Scrap rings for efficient scrap farming.

What Is Scrap Ring In Remnant 2?

Scrap is the main currency in Remnant 2, and you need it to buy and upgrade weapons, armor, mods, and consumables.

Rings in Remnant 2 are crucial accessories that give you various rewards just by wearing them.

The Scrap Ring helps you enhance your skill in farming Scraps.

Getting a stockpile of Scraps in early games helps make your game easier, as you can upgrade weapons and access archetypes

Advantages Of Scrap Rings

  • Larger Coverage Area: The Scrap Ring increases the pick-up range of Scraps and other artifacts. 
  • Efficient Farming: Scrap Ring allows you to collect scrap faster and more efficiently by never missing any items in the range.

The Vacuum Seal Ring and Scavenger’s Bauble Amulet are two examples of Scrap rings.

Moreover, the combination of these two artifacts will boost your scrap farming.

Scavenger’s Bauble Amulet
Scavenger’s Bauble Amulet in Remnant 2.
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How To Obtain Scrap From Ring In Remnant 2?

Scrap rings spawn around the world and can be obtained in various other ways like trading and from defeated bosses and enemies. 

You can find the scrap Ring as a random drop in N’Erud.

However, if you want to farm scrap more efficiently, you might want to consider using other rings and amulets that boost your scrap income or make it easier to collect.

The easiest ways to obtain Scraps using Rings are discussed below:

1. Defeat Enemies: One of the easiest ways to get scrap is by killing enemies; the scrap you get depends on the enemy’s tier

Defeated enemies
You can get Scrap Rings from Defeated Enemies in Remnant 2.

2. Farm bosses: Even though it is difficult, defeating bosses can be fruitful for gaining large amounts of scrap.

3. Find Chests: Explore chests scattered in various parts of the map, which can contain weapons, consumables, and Scraps.

4. Sell Useless Items: Another way of earning Scraps is by selling unused items from your inventory as you progress through the game and selling them to Ward 13 to earn Scraps

5. Equip Rings: Certain rings boost scrap earnings when you defeat an enemy.

6. Adventure Mode: Unlock the Adventure Mode and finish custom levels, which reward you with Scraps.

7. Sell Lumenite Crystals: Lumenite Crystals are found by killing bosses and can later be sold for Scraps.

Lumenite crystals
You can get Scrap Rings by selling Lumenite crystals.

The Bottom Line

Scrap Rings in Remnant 2 are special items that give you extra powers, like increasing the pick-up range of Scraps and other artifacts. 

You can equip them to collect scrap faster and more efficiently by never missing any items in the range

Thus, you can obtain Scraps by defeating enemies and bosses and finding chests.

Selling unused items and Lumenite Crystals also provide scrap, while certain rings boost earnings.

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