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How To Unlock Remnant 2 Feast Room?

Remnant 2 Feast Room is one of the locations in the Losomn end-point of Earth. 

Moreover, players must complete multiple Quests in the Feast Room to unlock exclusive rewards.

Remnant 2 Feast Room is located inside the Locked Door at the Great Hall in Losomn world. Players should interact with the Character inside the Feast Hall to further continue the Quest and obtain the Neckbone Necklace reward.  

Continue Reading to know the location and Quests to complete in the Feast Room to unlock exclusive rewards. 

What Is Feast Room?

The Feast Room is one of the many rooms in The Great Hall

Moreover, the Room is located in the Losomn Area, one of the world’s four end-points. 

Further, Players cannot find one NPC but any merchant to trade the items in the Feast Room.

The Feast Room’s NPC can guide players for future events to unlock various inventories and Quests. 

Lastly, Players should reach out to a Big Clown-like Character inside the Feast Room in the Great Hall to continue the Quest. 

How To Unlock Remnant 2 Feast Room?

If players are willing to find the Feast Room and extract prestigious items for future Quests, follow the given steps;

  1. Head towards the Great Hall location in the Losomn World.
The Great Hall
Entering the Great Hall are in the Losomn.
  1. Search for the Elevator inside the Great Hall.
Elevator in the Great Hall
Using the Elevator in the Great Hall.
  1. Eliminate the enemies on the Way, head down the tunnel and Search for the Ravaneous Medallion key. 
Ravaneous Melladion
Ravaneous Melladion Key to unlock the door.
  1. Use the Ravaneous Melladion Key and unlock the Locked door near the Great Hall’s Checkpoint.
Remnant 2 Feast Room
Entering the Feast Room after unlocking the Door.

After players unlock the Door and head to the Feast Room, they should have a conversation with the NPC. 

Then, Players should start feasting and kill the enemies inside the hall.

Moreover, Players should ensure to use the foods to heal themselves if they run out of health percentage as players won’t be able to use Relics to heal up. 

Furthermore, players will encounter hundreds of powerful enemies inside the Feast Room, eliminating all the enemies will complete the Quest. 

Remnant 2 Feast Room
Eliminating all the Enemies inside the Feast Room to complete the Quest

After completing the event interact with the Character again and obtain the precious  Neckbone Necklace Amulet.

The Amulet helps to increase the outgoing damage while players suffer from a status effect.

Further, Use the lift indie the Feast room to access the Underground Locked Doors. 

Inside the locked doors players can extract items including Ordinary Consumable Speed and Bone Chopper. 

The Bottom Line

The Feast Room is inside the locked Door inside the Great Hall location in the Losomn World. 

Players should first search for the key to unlock the Room to continue the Events further.

Upon reaching inside the Feast Room, players should interact with the Character and eliminate the enemies to complete the Quest.

Players will receive a precious  Amulet called Neckbone Necklace after completing the event.

Continue exploring to learn how to find Worn Cylinder and Tillers Rest Wisp in Remnant 2.
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