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Old School RuneScape (OSRS): Scythe Buff January Update

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) has enhanced the scythe and added the buff to make it more powerful in its new update.

Players have been anticipating this update for too long, and finally, the moment has arrived.

In the latest update of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the Scythe of Vitur has gone through the addition of a buff boasting a significant improvement in its attack. Likewise, the buff enhances the Scythe’s Slash Accuracy by 15 points and overall damage output.

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What Is Scythe Of Vitur In OSRS?

Scythe Of Vitur is one of the deadliest weapons in the realm of Old School RuneScape (OSRS).

It is a two-handed slash weapon that is proven efficient during close combat with a large number of enemies.

The Sythe of Vitur is efficient in gang-ups as it can hit up to three enemies simultaneously in a 1 x 3 arc.

Scythe Of Vitur
An Image of Scythe Of Vitur In Old School RuneScape (OSRS).

Moreover, this weapon deals more damage to the large creatures that take up two or more game squares.

If the creature is large, then it tasks the damage up to three times in one single attack.

Subsequently, Scythe Of Vitur can only hit a maximum of 3 enemies and only  3 times at a single blow. 

However, players must have an overall 80 attack points and 90 strength points to wield this destructive weapon.

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Scythe Buff In New OSRS Update

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) has brought significant changes in the Scythe Of Vitur in its latest update.

The update has buffed the Scythe of Vitur making it one of the most prominent changes in this update.

Since the Scythe Of Vitur is one of the most chosen weapons in the game, players are excited about the upgrades.

Scythe Buff Update
The game officials have released the report of the Sycthe Buff Update.

The addition of +15 Slash Accuracy enhances the overall Scythe’s overall damage output, making it more dangerous.

Similarly, the buff also increases the Scythe’s DPS by 0.2% for low-defense bosses like the Big Nylocas.

Also, there is a 7% increment in Scythe’s DPS for higher defense encounters like General Graardor.

Thus, you can now use the Scythe’s as your primary weapon to get better results during the combat in OSRS.

How To Get Scythe With Cheaper Charges?

Alongside the heavy buff for extra power, this update has changed the charging mechanism for the Scythe as well.

Players can now charge their Scythe Of Vitur with the low economy as well.

All it requires is one Vial of Blood and 200 Blood Runes For 100 charges, which is around a 100 Blood Rune Discount.

This adjustment makes the Scythe more accessible and cost-effective for the players in OSRS.

Moreover, players only need to charge their Scyhthe rolls when they are critically low on their hits.

This move ensures that players don’t need to recharge their Scythe without dealing any damage to their enemies.

The new buff has enhanced the Slash Accuracy Boost and refined the charging system of Scythe of Vitur.

The Bottom Line

With a recent buff update in the Scythe of Vitur, players can now experience its outstanding power and refined charging system.

The Scythe of Vitur is now a top choice for battling high-defense bosses after its recent update and buff.

Similarly, this update has also enhanced Osumten’s Fang by removing its double accuracy roll effect.

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