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What Is Brother Amends In Sea Of Stars?

Brother Amends in Sea of Stars is a part of the Town of Lucent questline.

Furthermore, this quest follows two brothers in different paintings and their feud with each other. 

Brother Amends in Sea of Stars follows a feud between two Brothers. Furthermore, the solution to the feud is simply to provide one of the Brothers with a berry jam.

Continue reading to discover more about the Brother Amends and its solution in Sea of Stars.

What Is Brother Amends In Sea Of Stars?

The brother amends is a quest players will encounter in Sea Of Stars.

However, before getting to the quest, players must first reach the Town of Lucent.

To reach the town of Lucent, players must first reach the dock.

The docks are in the Wraith Island. Thus, players must travel to the area using a boat.

Furthermore, once you enter the docks, you will notice that the area is more spooky and feels a bit unwelcoming.

However, you must get through this area to get to the town of Lucent.

In the docks, players will encounter various enemies, defeat them and search for different items and chests in the area.

However, we will not look into the chest areas in this article.

After you collect all the chests, you must head out of the docks through a wooden bridge.

After you leave the docks, players will find the Town Of Lucent in the top right corner of the map.

Travel to the town, and then a loading screen will play.

Here, to the left, enter the first house you come across. Inside you will find a chest. Interact with the chest.

However, a painting on the wall will take away the chest and tell you to find the painting brothers to make the brothers amends.

This will start the quest of Brothers Amends. We will discuss the method to complete it below.

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Find The Painting Brother In Sea Of Stars

After the quest starts, the steps are rather simple and fast.

Here is a list of steps players must take to find the painting Brother in the Sea of Stars:

  1. First, head into the town and turn left to go to the first house you come across.
    enter the first house on left
    Head left to enter the first house in town lucent
  2. Then, go inside and talk with the old lady in the house. Then, go to the chest of the left corner of the house and interact with it.
    start brother amends from the painting
    Talk with the old lady and then interact with the painting
  3. Then, the painting on the wall will take the chest away, this will start the find the painting brother quest.
    the painting will give brother amends quest
    The painting will take the chest away and give you a quest
  4. Then, head out of the house and move a bit up. There, you will find another house on the left.
    talk with second painting in sea of stars
    Head to the second house to talk with another painting
  5. Get inside the house, and then, on the lower left side of the house, you will find another painting.
    interact with second painting
    Talk with the painting in the second house
  6. Interact with the painting. He will tell you to give the previous painting a berry jam.
  7. After you give the painting the berry jam, it will give you the chest back.
    complete brother amends after giving berry jam
    Give the first painting berry jam to solve the brother amends quest

The chest will contain the Rainbow conch inside it. Then, head to the Inn right above the fountain in the town.

receive rainbow conch from chest
You will receive a rainbow conch after obtaining the chest

Here, you will have a dialogue with the Innkeeper. After you have the dialogue, you must rest up.

Then, you can progress with the quests in the town the next day.

The Bottom Line

The brothers amends is a part of the sea of stars. The quest is to solve the jarring relationship between two brothers.
Furthermore, the solution to the quest is simply feeding one of the brothers with berry jam, and the quest is complete.

Additionally, players can progress through the quest and then through the Town of Lucent quest.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in solving the painting brother in Sea of Stars.

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