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Where To Find The ECS Constant In Starfield?

In Starfield, ESC Constant is the mysterious ship that left Earth and has traveled in space for over 200 years.

Players will have their first encounter with this ship upon reaching the Porrima solar system in Starfield. This encounter will trigger the ‘First Contact’ mission.

In this article, we will discuss detail about the ECS Constant and where to find it.

Introduction To ECS Constant In Starfield

ECS Constant is the largest vessel and colony ship in Starfield that held humans who have lived and died on board.

It is a generation ship sent to Starfield before the invention of Grav Drive.

The humans who board a ship are the direct descendants of Earth-born humans.

ECS Constant
ECS Constant is the ship drifting in the orbit of Porrima II.

As you enter the ECS Constant, you will meet Diana Brackenridge, the ship’s captain tasked with finding a new home for Humanity.

Furthermore, it all started with Rupert Brackenridge, who had calculated the extinction level event was imminent.

Additionally, ECS Constant is named after the English colony ship Sunan or Sarah Constant.

Players have to make the choice that decides the fate of ESC Constant.

Where To Find The ECS Constant In Starfield?

Porrima II is in the few solar systems next to Alpha Centauri. Here are some steps to get to the Porrima II;

  1. Open the star map and Zoom out.
  2. Select Porrima System, find Porrima II and hold the “Jump” button.
  3. Then, you will arrive at Porrima II.

Afterward, you will receive a distress call from the security chief, Jiro Sugiyama, asking you to investigate the unknown ship in orbit.

As you head to orbit, you will find that unidentified ship, which is ESC Constant.

Players can miss it sometimes if it is on the planet’s dark side.

On the other hand, players are facing some kind of bug where they cannot find ECS Constant at the marked place.

Here on out, players trigger the ESC Constant mission First Contact.

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ESC Constant Mission In Starfield

ESC Constant Mission, First Contact, will follow the story of the ECS Constant.

Here is the step-by-step guide to complete the quest;

  1. You will be greeted by a woman named Diana Breckenridge on the ECS Constant.
  2. Upon speaking to Diana, you can help her and the people on the ship to communicate with the Paradiso when you reach Porrima-II and dock in the Paradiso.
  3. Then, head to the office to report back to Chief Sugiyama. It is near the Landing Pad.
  4. Once you finish talking to the Chief, go to Paradiso Resort to talk to the Board member.
  5. Use the Elevator and head to the Board’s office.
  6. Then, you will be able to meet the member of the Board named Oliver and speak with him about the humans of the ESC Constant.
  7. Then, going over the solution, you will be left with three options;
  8. Option 1: Purchasing a Grav Drive for the ESG Constant, is the morally correct and the most just decision. 
Grave Drive
Players can purchase the Grave Drive from the seller.
  1. Option 2: Settlement Deal – Indentured Servants, you will need to gather some resources if you choose this option.

Option 2
Players can agree to the second option, which is not bad but not bad.
  1.  The last option is to overload The Reactor And Blow Up The Ship. Players must dock and board the ship to reach the Reactor Terminal and activate the Reactor Overdrive function.
Last Option
This is the last option that will kill all the humans of ECS Constant.

You can also choose the first option, which will be the best for ECS Constant.

Where T0 Find the ECS Constant After The Mission?

After completing the First Contact mission, the player who purchases the Grav Drive or Option 1 can reunite with ECS Constant in the galaxy.

Players can simply locate the ECS Constant by tracking its location in the Activity mission log.

However, they may need to skip several solar systems to reach it.

Players obtain a high-quality Grave Drive capable of traveling at least over 20 light-years for effective navigation.

Players who embark on the journey through vast galaxies will eventually encounter the ECS Constant, a ship that is perpetually searching for the perfect home.

Upon rediscovering the ship in Starfield, players may have one or two missions waiting.

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The Bottom Line

ECS Constant is a ship with tons of humans onboard and living for almost two centuries.

This is found in the orbit over the Porrima II at the Porrima system.

Furthermore, ECS Constant’s main mission is to deliver the fate of the people living on it.

As players decide to purchase Grave Drive for a ship, they can rediscover the ship somewhere in the galaxy.

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