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Stuck In Sea Of Stars Clockwork Castle: Learn To Exit The Room

Sea of Stars is a role-playing video game by Sabotage Studio that consists of different quests for players.

However, players face an issue that gets them stuck in the Clockwork Castle of the Sea of Stars.

If you are stuck in Sea of Stars Clockwork Castle, move to the left entrance in the room, push the block into the open slot on the left of the room, climb the blocks and spin the gear twice with the Graplou to open the door in the previous room.

In this article, we will discuss why players get stuck in Sea Of Stars Clockwork Castle and how to resolve this issue.

An Overview Of Sea Of Stars Clockwork Castle 

Sea of Stars is a major location where players must navigate through the Clockwork Castle to beat the Dweller of Strife.

However, the points below will guide you to complete the Clockwork Castle quest.

  1. Enter The Castle: Go through the right door and kill the enemies.
  2. Battle: Defeat Erline and Brugaves, using the character Zale and Valere.
  3. Collect all the material: Explore the castle and grab the available free items.
  4. Solve the puzzle: To get an Evergreen Leaf ring and Graplou.
  5. Find the Dweller of Strife: Defeat the Acolytes and find the Dweller.

However, it is not easy to navigate through the Clockwork Castle to find and battle with the Dweller of Strife.

Defeating enemies in Castle
Defeating enemies in Clockwork Castle.

Hence, players must move strategically to navigate throughout the mansion successfully.

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Causes Of Sea Of Stars Clockwork Castle Stuck

Upon exploring the Clockwork Castle, some players state that they are stuck in the room of the castle and are not able to proceed further.

Moreover, they mentioned that they cannot move the left block to activate the shelves. 

However, if you are stuck in the Clockwork Castle, follow the steps below to exit the room:

1. Open The Door In The Castle 

In the first room, defeat the Cukoo Monster and Clock Zombies and move through the west door to find a room.

However, take the entrance on your left first in this room where you will find a moveable block.

Head to the west door and find the room
Head to the west door to find the room.

2. Move The Block

Players need to push the block into the open slot on the left of the room, set of blocks will emerge.

Subsequently, climb up this block and find a screw to unlock the door in the Clockwork Castle entrance room.

3. Use Graplou

Players must use their Graplou to unscrew and drop back down to the ground.

Moreover, use Graplou on the lower platform’s device, to unlock the large door in the previous room.

Grabbing the middle wall block with the Graplou will make the block you pushed earlier eject from the wall.

4. Exit The Room

Pushing the block into the slot on the right side will lead you to the room’s exit.

Moreover, defeat the Clock zombie and Strife Minion at the bottom of the room, find a chest, and insert the Garden Key to open the door.

The Bottom Line

If you are stuck in the left path of the clockwork castle, you need to push the lower right block into the upper left slot.

However, The Clockwork Castle is a dangerous place that is full of zombies and Strife Minions.

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