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Sea Of Stars: How To Find The Missing Conch In Brisk?

Along their journey in the Sea of Stars, players will explore diverse islands with secrets to uncover and side quests to complete.

One of the main activities in the game is collecting Rainbow Conch shells throughout the world.

You can trade these Conch shells for useful items and serve as mementos of places you visit.

One area where players may run into trouble finding all the Conch is the port town of Brisk.

To find the missing Conch in Brisk in the Sea of Stars, players must explore the port town, interact with specific NPCs, and check hidden areas, ensuring they’ve exhausted all dialogue options and considering online guides as a last resort for assistance.

In this article, we will discuss how to find the missing conch in the port town of Brisk in Sea of Stars.

What Are Rainbow Conch In Sea Of Stars?

Conch shells or Rainbow Conch due to their iridescent inner coloring, are valuable treasures you will find across the Archipelago.

In the game, players can collect these Conch shells and trade them with various NPCs for rewards.

The Conch shells not only reward players with items but also signify their exploration of new areas.

Some Conch may be out in the open while others are hidden behind puzzles or require special abilities to access.

Finding all the Conch in each region encourages players to thoroughly search every nook and cranny.

While most locations only have one or two Conch shells, Brisk stands out as having the most Conch.

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How To Obtain Rainbow Conch?

You can discover the colorful Rainbow Conch shells throughout the expansive world of the Sea of Stars.

However, they are hidden in various out-of-the-way locations across the game’s many islands and environments.

The collector should start their search on Sleeper Island, where you can spot Conches among the cliffs of X’tols Landing.

sea of stars brisk
You can spot Conches among the cliffs of X’tols Landing.

You can also find it within the depths of the Wind Tunnel Mines dungeon.

Further, you can find shells by helping villagers with tasks around Stonemason Outpost.

You will also find it within the jungles of Moorlands after solving an environmental puzzle.

Other islands offer their own hidden troves of Rainbow Conch as well.

In the coral reefs of Coral Cascades, you may spot the glimmer of a Conch wedged upon the ledges above.

Besides that, you can also find it tucked beneath a concealed patch of stones near a waterfall.

Within the port of Brisk, you can find Conches resting near palm trees on the outskirts of town.

As the port of Brisk is one of the major locations to find the Conch, you will also find it within a secret store that lies below the docks.

Evermist Island hides Conches along its mountain paths and within its forests. However, these require special items or skills to access.

Even Wraith Island, despite its haunting reputation, holds Conches within its dungeons and towns for those brave enough to search.

As the collection grows, Conch hunters will find shells within the ruins and islands that make up places like Settler’s Island, Glacial Peak, and Watcher Island.

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Missing Conch In Brisk In Sea Of Stars 

One area that commonly causes players trouble while finding the Conch in the Sea of Stars is Brisk, the port town in Sleeper Island.

While you will find most of Brisk’s Conch without much trouble by exploring the overworld, there is one Conch that is very difficult to obtain.

sea of stars conch
You will find the Conch in Brisk after searching around.

To find this missing Conch, players need to:

  1. Head to the northernmost part of Brisk near the save point.
  2. There will be a Molekin eating ice cream there.
  3. Speak to her, then fast travel to Stonemason’s Outpost and talk to the painter Molekin.
  4. Return to Brisk and speak to the artist Molekin, who has now joined the ice cream eater.
  5. Talking to them again will reward the player with the elusive Conch.

This out-of-the-way trigger can be easy to miss, as there are no obvious clues pointing players in this direction.

But taking the time to exhaust all dialogue options with NPCs is key to uncovering the more obscure secrets and rewards in Sea of Stars.

How To Get The Missing Conch In Brisk In Sea Of Stars?

If after thoroughly searching Brisk a player still cannot find the missing Conch, there are a few things to check:

  1. Make sure to explore every nook and cranny of the town, including hidden areas that require the ability to access.
  2. Revisit locations where you have located the Conch previously in case one was accidentally missed.
  3. Check the key item inventory and Conch collection screen for the Brisk Conch to ensure it was not acquired already.
  4. Reload from the Brisk save point and search again in case an interaction fails to trigger properly.
  5. As a last resort, consult an online guide or walkthrough for the exact steps to obtain the elusive Conch.

With patience and methodical searching, you can find the solution.

The Bottom Line

By dividing the search into logical sections and thoroughly interacting with all NPCs, players should be able to find all the Rainbow Conch shells hidden within Brisk.

These valuable collectibles not only reward the player but also encourage exploration of every inch of the beautifully crafted world within Sea of Stars.

While some Conches like the one in Brisk take more effort to uncover, solving the puzzle of its location is itself rewarding.

With diligence, you can retrieve any seemingly missing Conch to complete collections.

Happy Gaming!

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