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The Miracle In Season Of Construct Diablo 4: Maplhas Boss fight

Diablo 4 just revealed the trailer for the season of Construct, teasing the boss Maplhas from the Miracle mission.

Since then, players have wanted to learn how to encounter this boss as it is a very lengthy process.

The boss Maplhas only appears at the end of the mission, meaning that players must complete the preceding objectives.

Continue reading this article to learn how to complete The Miracle mission in Diablo 4.

What Is Miracle Mission In Diablo 4?

Season 3 of Diablo 4 introduces a variety of new enemies alongside missions into the game.

One such mission is called The Miracle which is one of the lenthier game missions.

Therefore, players must complete many sub-quests during this mission to reach the final boss.

However, the key objective of the mission is for players to destroy the loom in the final room.

But the game sets up a variety of traps for players before reaching the source of the loom.

Hence, players must solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and the final boss Maplhas to complete this mission.

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How To Complete The Miracle Mission In Diablo 4?

To complete the miracle mission in Diablo 4, you must complete different mini-quests.

Players must complete the following subquests to clear the Miracle mission during the Season Of Construct:

1. Speak With Ayujhan In The Loom

As soon as the mission is assigned, players must talk to Ayujhan near the gate of the loom.

Specifically, he is an old NPC that resides on the east side of the portal room.

Interacting with Ayujhan
Interacting with Ayujhan unlocks the key area for The Miracle mission.

After some exchange of dialogues, he will activate the portal so that the players can enter inside.

2. Enter The Valut Of The Loom

After Ayujhan activates the portal, it will glow red, which denotes its activation.

Then, players must enter this portal which is located at the right side of the room.

Enter the vault room in season of construct
Entering the portal to the vault room.

This leads players to a new area called The Descent which is the lair of enemies.

Hence, they must be careful as enemies start to swarm as soon as players enter the portal.

3. Place The Objects In Pedestals

This sub-objective is the puzzle part of the quest as players must find four specific objects.

However, these objects only drop after players defeat four different mini-bosses inside the vault.

Putting specific stones in pedestals
Putting specific stones in pedestals to unlock the boss door.

Upon defeating each boss, players must head back to the pedestal room and place their corresponding stones.

Here is a list of all the bosses that players must kill to acquire the pedestal objects:

  • The Hunter
  • The Headsman
  • The Gladiator
  • The Interrogator

Additionally, players must survive each of these boss’s spawn sites for 30 seconds by defeating enemies.

Finally, players must use another portal(far east) inside the vault to access the Pedestal room.

4. Slay Malphas And Destroy The Loom

The door that holds Malphas unlocks once players place all four objects in the Pedestal.

Then, players must progress toward the right side of the map to face the Malphas boss fight.

Malphas is bound to the middle of the stage, restricting him from all movement options.

fighting malphas during the miracle mission
Defeating Malphas to clear The Miracle mission during the season of construct.

However, he has an arsenal of attack patterns that can catch players off guard.

Additionally, he can also spawn an Alkaline Conduit to make his attacks stronger.

So players must break these Conduit pillars and chip away at Malpha’s health to slay him.

After defeating him, players must interact with the Loom in the north to destroy it.

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