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Is A Boon In The Tide Bugged In Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 Season 1 introduces an exciting new feature called the Season Journey.

This Journey consists of 7 chapters, each offering a set of objectives to complete and rewards to earn.

Diablo 4 Season Journey Chapter 5 goal is “A Boon in the Tide.” During Helltide, it demands that players open one Tortured Gift chest.

In this article, we will explore everything about a boon in the tide, including whether a boon in the tide is bugged.

What Is The Season Journey In Diablo 4?

Diablo 4’s Season Journey feature enables players to participate in several tasks and goals over a predetermined period.

New and seasoned players will enjoy the game’s innovative and captivating gameplay.

In Diablo 4, each season, which lasts for a few months, gives players a fresh set of goals to accomplish.

Furthermore, each chapter of these objectives contains several tasks and objectives that must be completed.

As they go through the chapters, players receive various gifts and advantages.

A boon in the tide bugged
Season Journey comprises different objectives and offers various rewards.

Any player, regardless of skill or level in the game, has access to the Season Journey.

Moreover, it offers an organized and supervised experience that encourages players to investigate various game mechanics.

Also, one or more of the Season Journey’s goals can be to defeat a particular boss, finish a bounty, participate in an event, or acquire a specific item.

So, players advance through the chapters and get experience points as they finish these activities.

The integration of seasonal motifs is one of the Season Journey’s standout elements.

Every season brings a distinctive theme that ups the challenge and excitement level of gaming.

With each new season, these themes might vary from altered enemy behaviors to improved legendary item drops, giving players a new and exciting experience.

What Is A Boon In The Tide?

Boon in the Tide is a Season Journey Chapter 5 objective in Diablo 4.

Therefore, throughout Helltide, players must open one Tortured Gift chest.

Special chests known as Tortured Gift chests are only available during Helltide events.

Moreover, items, gold, and experience are among the rewards they hold.

The phrase “A Boon in the Tide” alludes to the fact that Tortured Gift chests can hold potent treasures that can aid players in moving forward in the game.

The words “boon” and “tide” denote the passing of time and the meaning of a favor or blessing, respectively.

Opening a Tortured Gift Chest can be an excellent opportunity to develop your character, as the name “A Boon in the Tide” implies in this context.

Additional information regarding tortured gift chests is as follows:

  • Any Helltide event will have them.
  • Goodies can be found inside, including equipment, gold, and experience.
  • The goodies in a Tortured Gift chest depend on your character level and the Helltide event’s difficulty.
  • A Tortured Gift chest may contain rewards Common to Legendary in rarity.
  • Anyone can access a Tortured Gift chest no matter what side they belong to.
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Is A Boon In The Tide Bugged?

The “A Boon in the Tide” objective is temporarily broken.

There have been numerous reports from players claiming that opening any kind of Tortured Gift chest does not accomplish the goal.

To those who are trying to advance through the game, this means that gamers who are attempting to complete the Season Journey Chapter 5 are unable to do so.

Blizzard is aware of the issue and is looking into a solution.

There is no ETA for a remedy, although it is most probable that issue will be fixed in a subsequent patch.

Players can try to achieve the goal in the meantime by doing a few things, including the following:

  • Experiment with different Tortured Gift chests. According to certain players, opening a Mystery Tortured Gift chest will accomplish the mission; however, opening other chests would not.
  • Open Tortured Gift Chests in various Helltide events. According to certain gamers, the glitch only appears during certain Helltide events.
  • Finally, restart the game if necessary. Some people claim that restarting the game fixed the glitch.

Please get in touch with Blizzard support if you cannot achieve the “A Boon in the Tide” objective after following these procedures.

The Bottom Line

The “A Boon in the Tide” objective is currently broken, and players cannot complete it when they open a Tortured Gift chest.

It is known that Blizzard is investigating a fix for the bug.

No ETA is available for a fix, but a future patch will likely address it.

Players can try different steps to complete the objective as a temporary measure.

Also, you can contact Blizzard support if you still need help completing the objective.

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