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How To Obtain Bright Dust In Season Of The Wish?

Bright Dust is probably the most valuable currency of Season of the Wish in Density 2.

Players can use it to buy many items from the Eververse store.

Bright Dust is an exclusive currency obtainable with and without the seasonal while progressing the rank. Players can use the items to buy emotes, ships, consumables, and other items.

Continue reading to explore Bright Dust and the process of obtaining them in Season of the Wish.

Bright Dust In Season Of The Wish

Bright Dust is the type that is currently obtainable with and without the seasonal Pass.

However, players will get higher Bright Dust and exclusive goods if they have the Pass, which is purchasable for 1200 silvers.

season of the wish store
Buy and activate the seasonal Pass for more bright Dust.

Players can get the Pass from November 28 to June 4, 2023.

If players complete all the seasonal challenges and quests that run till the end of the season.

Moreover, the store will reset weekly, so players must progress faster to grab desired items.

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How To Get Bright Dust In Season Of The Wish?

Players will also get the Bright Dust depending on their rank and seasonal Pass.

Players can get the following numbers of Bright Dust without the season pass;

RankBright Dust Without Seasonal Pass

With the seasonal Pass, players can get the following number of bright Dust depending on their rank;

RankBright Dust With Seasonal Pass

Items To Buy From Season Of The Wish Bright Dust 

Here are the few items players can buy from Bright Dust in Season of the Wish;

1. Consumables

Players can buy two consumables from the Bright Dust in the initial week of Season of the Wish; they are;

Concentrated Mangentam

The Mangentam is made from refined mattergems, which players can only activate one at a time.

While coming against tough bosses, players should check their loot as they have a high chance of dropping the Upgrade item.

Players can get the cheapest consumable for just 200 Bright Dusts.


The Glimmershard generates Glimmer during combat, whose effects last for 4 hours.

Moreover, the consumable can be created by a few defeated bosses and is purchasable for 250 bright dusts.

2. Emotes 

Hers is the list of Emotes, along with their Bright Dust price for the new season,

Lion Tamer: 3250 Bright Dusts

Nothing To See Here: 3250 Bright Dusts

Slap Fight(Multiplayer Emote): 1250 Bright Dusts

3. Items 

Here is the list of items item to buy from the Eververse Store in Season of the Wish;

Kosmos Shell

The Kosmos Shell is one of the Ghost Shells that will sell for 2850 Dusts.

Kosmos shell season of the wish
Buy the Kosmos Shell from the Eververse Store.

Moreover, the potent Shell generates single energy initially during combat.

Box Of Effect

The Box of effect is the transmit effect, which is the modification for the spaceship.

The effect adds an illusion of Streamer trunk and is available for 450 credits.

Princely Presence

The Princely Presence has a light green finish with a few white touches and exclusive headgear.

Players can buy the Legendary Shader for 300 Bright Dusts to give the characters a great look.

Pricely Presense Season of the witch
Get the Princely Presence in Season of the Wish.

The Bottom Line

While playing Destiny 2, players can use the Bright Dust from the previous season or use it in the next one.

Players can collect 7500 Bright Dust, even if they don’t have the Pass, which is enough to get consumables and ships.

Moreover, players with the Pass can get 3000 Bright Dust if they reach the 100 level in Season of the Wish.

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