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Seething Abomination In Diablo 4: A Nightmare Of Flesh And Bone

If you are looking for a thrilling and rewarding experience in Diablo 4, you might want to venture into the Fields of Hatred.

But be warned, the Fields of Hatred are not for the faint of heart, as they are also home to a terrifying boss that wanders the land: Seething Abomination.

Seething Abomination has a devastating charge attack and quick melee swipes that leave poison puddles on the floor. Furthermore, this demon is wandering in the central and northern parts of the Fields of Hatred.

In this article, we will show you how to find Seething Abomination, how to fight it and what rewards it can offer you.

What Is Seething Abomination And Where To Find It?

Seething Abomination is a boss that roams the Fields of Hatred, a PvP event in Diablo 4.

It has a devastating charge attack and quick melee swipes that leave poison puddles on the floor.

Furthermore, it is a huge and grotesque creature, resembling a twisted amalgamation of flesh, bones and metal. 

seething abomination
Seething Abomination is a huge and grotesque creature, resembling a twisted amalgamation of flesh.

Additionally, Seething Abomination is the only source of Scattered Prisms, an item that can be used to add sockets to gear.

You can find it in two regions of Sanctuary: the Dry Steppes and Kehjistan.

These regions are marked by a light red hue on the map, indicating they are part of the Fields of Hatred.

Moreover, Seething Abomination has no fixed spawn point but usually roams these regions’ central or northern parts.

seething abomination in field of hatred
Seething Abomination usually roams around the central or northern parts of Fields of Hatred.

You can track its location by looking for a red skull icon on the map or by following the sound of its roar.

In addition, here are two coordinates where you can find Seething Abomination.

  • X: 4916  Y: 10528
  • X: 5808  Y: 16696

How To Defeat Seething Abomination In Diablo 4?

Seething Abomination is a formidable opponent; you must prepare and be alert to defeat it.

Moreover, you need to watch out for three main attacks to defeat this demon.

1. Charge Attack

Seething Abomination will lower its head and charge you, dealing massive damage.

You can avoid this attack by dodging to the side or using a movement skill.

In addition, you can interrupt this attack by stunning or freezing beforehand.

2. Swipe Attack

During the battle, it will swipe at you with its claws or flails, dealing moderate damage and leaving a poison puddle.

You can avoid this attack by keeping your distance or moving out of the puddle.

Furthermore, you can block this attack with a shield or a weapon.

3. Roar Attack

It will also roar and summon a swarm of small abominations that will attack you.

These abominations are weak and can be killed easily, so kill the abominations quickly using an area-of-effect skill.

Furthermore, here are some tips to help you defeat the Seething Abomination.

  • Seething Abomination is vulnerable to fire, so use skills that deal fire damage.
  • Use skills that stun, freeze or slow down Crowd Control to reduce mobility.
  • It can quickly deal much damage, so use skills that heal you or increase your defense.
  • You can distract it and deal extra damage by summoning minions or pets.

The attack pattern of the Seething Abomination is quite repetitive, so you’ll need to watch out for poison pools it creates as it punches down.

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Rewards And Benefits From Seething Abomination

Seething Abomination is a lucrative target, as it can drop several valuable items and resources.

Furthermore, here are some of the possible rewards.

  • Seeds of Hatred
  • Scattered Prisms
  • Legendary Items
  • Grim Favors

Seething Abomination is a task given by the Tree of Whispers.

That means defeating it will grant you Grim Favors and a chance to unlock a new challenge.

Furthermore, it will also increase your reputation with the Tree of Whispers, which will unlock more rewards and benefits.

The Bottom Line

Seething Abomination is one of the most challenging and rewarding bosses in Diablo 4, and it can be found in the Fields of Hatred.

Furthermore, you can avoid or counter these attacks by dodging, stunning, blocking or parrying.

After defeating this monster, you can get rewards like Seeds of Hatred, Scattered Prisms, Legendary Items and Grim Favors.

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