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Lords Of The Fallen Spells: Unleashing Power

In Lords Of The Fallen, Spells are the magic that can make your gameplay most robust.

Players can choose from many classes including Warrior, Cleric, and Rogue. Each class possesses unique spells and abilities.

Spells in Lords of the Fallen are of three types, unleashing power. Those Spells are Rhogar, Umbral and Radiance. 

In this article, you will learn about the spells or magic in Lords of the Fallen and the types of the spells.

What Is Spells In Lords Of The Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen features three distinct schools of magic.

One of the three warring gods on which the story is based represents each magic school.

Furthermore, every magic school has its distinctive style of play, spells, and catalysts.

Additionally, enemies will have varying resistances to different types of magic to balance the system.

Let’s explore the types of spells in Lord of the Fallen.

1. Rhogar

Rhogar is a type of spell that is associated with the god Adyr.

It mainly focuses on the use of fire-based spells, which is known as pyromancy.

Moreover, Rhogar’s spells scale with the Inferno stat, so investing points in this stat is recommended for a pyromancy build.

Rhogar’s magic includes fireballs, flamethrowers, explosive meteors, and fire-breathing summons.

2. Radiance

Orius is a deity associated with a type of divine magic called Radiance.

Radiant spells scale with the Radiance stat, so investing points into Radiance for paladins or holy priests is crucial.

However, Radiant spells are typically utilized for augmenting, cleansing, and rejuvenating.

Their primary focus is providing buffs, cleansing spells, and healing.

In addition to regular lighting, you can access magical lighting such as bolts, orbs, and lances.

Furthermore, you can unlock powerful radiant magic blades for combat; it’s not just defensive magic.

3. Umbral

The Umbral is a magical force that originates from the Umbral Realm.

However, Umbral magic scales with Radiance and Inferno stats, so investing in a specific new stat is unnecessary.

Furthermore, Umbral magic is a slow-moving type that inflicts significant damage on its target upon contact.

umbral spells lord of the fallen
A pendant featuring a disturbingly lifelike eyeball also serves as an Umbral Catalyst.

Launching slow-moving bombs and waves is an effective way to defeat your enemies.

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How To Get The Spells In Lords Of The Fallen?

The developers have said that you can obtain any spell you witness an enemy using, or at least something similar to it.

Here are some ways to acquire new magic spells in Lords of the Fallen:

  • You can discover spells by exploring and opening chests, as they may contain spell loot.
  • You can purchase or acquire new spells from Non-Playable Characters.
  • If you’re looking for a specific spell, try defeating enemies who use it, as they may drop it as loot.
  • Soulflay boss remnants can be turned into a boss item magic spell by Non-Playable Characters at the central hub.

How To Cast Spells In Lords Of The Fallen Unleashing Power?

You will require specific statistics for each to cast different types of magic in Lords of the Fallen.

After learning the spell types in the game, you will need a suitable catalyst for casting each spell.

To use Radiant spells, you need a Radiant Catalyst; for Umbral, an Umbral Catalyst; and for Inferno, an Inferno Catalyst.

To summarize, remember how many spells you can equip on each Catalyst.

how to equip spells in lord of the fallen
You can equip your spells in the third slot of the weapon.

Furthermore, equip your Catalyst in the third slot, where you usually place weapons.

Once you have chosen a Catalyst, you can choose spells compatible with it from the row below.

However, each equipped spell has a designated button for its corresponding slot.

Casting spells requires Mana, represented by the blue bar below your stamina, and has a specific cost.

To restore your Mana pool, you can use two methods, Resting At the Vestige and Cluster.

The Bottom Line

Lords of the Fallen have two core magic stats: Ryogar Pyromancy and Radiance magic.

To use magic, you must meet specific requirements before you can buy and equip spells.

Molhu sells the Charm of Fortune’s Sight, which requires 12 points in Radiant and Inferno to equip.

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