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Vestige Of Blind Agatha: Unlocking The Mystery

Lords of the Fallen is an action RPG game with many intriguing mysteries including Vestige of Blind Agatha.

The Vestige feature allows players to set checkpoints, restore their health and mana, and perform fast travels.

Vestige of Blind Agatha is one of the Vestige in Lords of the Fallen, found at the center of the Prilgrim’s Perch Ballroom. To reach there, players must go through the umbral realm and deal with many Remnants and an Ardent Penitent.

This article discusses the Vestige of Blind Agatha In Lords Of The Fallen.

What Is The Vestige of Blind Agatha In Lord Of The Fallen?

Vestige of Blind Agatha is one of the checkpoints In Lord of the Fallen.

They are the game save points players can rest and use to travel to another vestige.

Many Vestiges are scattered on different parts of the map, just like the Blind  Agatha.

Furthermore, players will unlock each as they explore the different locations.

For Vestige of Blind Agatha, players must explore the Prilgrim Perch area.

Once players find it and activate it, they can get access to the following features;

  • Rest: This feature will completely restore the player’s Health and Mana. 
  • Warp to Vestige: This will allow you to teleport to another previously unlocked Vestige.
  • Upgrade Character: Helps to upgrade the character’s stats.
  • Multiplayer: You can summon another player with this feature.

Furthermore, Players can also find a blacksmith near Vestige of Blind Agatha.

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Where Is The Vestige of Blind Agatha In Lord Of The Fallen?

The Vestige Of Blind Agatha is a rest point located in Prilgrim’s Perch Ballroom.

However, many players are struggling to reach this place.

So, here is the step-by-step guide to Prilgrim’s Perch Ballroom In Lord of the Fallen;

1. Reach The Swinging Platform

  1. Once you reach the Prilgrim Perch, head up the ladder and enter the cave.
Vestige of Blind Agatha
Players will reach Pilgrim Perch after teleporting to Vestig of Chabui.
  1. Go straight until you encounter a plank. However, you must head right and climb the ladder.
  2. Make sure to kick the enemies down from the platform.
  3. Go into the umbral realm and get across the bridge by pulling yourself.
Umbral power
Use the Umbral lamp to pull themselves towards the other side.
  1. Go straight, and you can exit the umbral realm. Now, climb the ladder ahead of you.
Vestige of Blind Agatha
Players climb the ladder after disabling the umbral realm.
  1. As you head to the top, you will encounter two enemies and kick them down.
  2. Jump over the swinging platform to get to another platform with two pilgrims.
Vestige of Blind Agatha
Players throw the enemies from the swinging platform.
  1. Defeat them, then hop over to a swinging platform with walls,

2. Reach The Prilgrim’s Perch Ballroom

Once you defeat the enemy, you will again face three enemies and a Hallowed Praiseon on the other side.

Halllowed Praise
Fight the three enemies on the other side.

A player picks up the Hallowed Praise between three enemies.

  1. Change to the umbral realm and climb the ladder.
  2. Climb the ladder right again after defeating the enemies.
  3. As you are in the umbral realm, Use your umbral Lamp to pull out the bone bridge and proceed further.
bone bridge
Players use the umbral lamp to pull the bone bridge.
  1. Follow the path, and you will find another set of movable platforms, pull them and go to the other side.
Movable platform
Players reach the other side with the help of the movable platform.
  1. Once you reach up, kick the ladder for another shortcut, the Thorned Crimson Rector Sword is on the left side.
  2. Cross to the other side through a wooden beam and enter the cave. You will find the Vestige Of Blind Agatha.
Vestige if Blind Agatha,
Once you reach the Vestige of Blind Agatha, activate it to rest.

You can upgrade your weapons, fast travel, and rest as you interact with it.

Furthermore, you can also reach here using the elevator shortcut from below the cave near where a blacksmith resides.

The Bottom Line

Vestige Of Blind Agatha is the checkpoint where players can upgrade their weapons and restore their health and mana.

You can find the Vestige Of Blind Agatha at Prilgrim’s Perch Ballroom in Lord of the Fallen.

Furthermore, you must deal with multiple pilgrims on the way to Prilgrim’s Perch Ballroom.

However, once you activate it, you can fast-travel to Prilgrim’s Perch Ballroom from any Vestige.

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