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Felogyrs Fireworks In BG3: How To Complete It?

Felogyrs fireworks quest in BG3 takes place in Baldur’s Gate City. 

This shop sells fireworks, torches, and other alchemical items in the game.

Players must disarm explosive toys and even defeat a few perpetrators to complete the Felogyrs fireworks quest in Bg3. However, the steps leading to the defeat of the perpetrators are pretty long.

This article discusses Felogyrs fireworks and how to complete them in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is Felogyrs Fireworks In BG3? 

Felogyrs fireworks is a part of the Investigate the suspicious toy quest; that appears in Act 3.

Further,  it involves discovering who is behind the scheme of donating explosive-filled toys to refugees. 

In this quest, players must investigate various toys that can be dangerous. 

You will easily complete the quest with a few diplomatic decisions.

However, the quest can cause a few issues if you play as a paladin.

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How To Complete Felogyrs Fireworks In BG3? 

To complete the Felogyrs fireworks quest, first, you must activate the investigate the suspicious toy quest. 

Here are some steps to complete Felogyrs fireworks in BG3.

1. Start Investigating 

Here is how you can start to Investigate The Suspicious toy quest.

  1. First, you must start the investigation of the suspicious toy quest.
  2. To start the quest, you must enter Baldur’s Gate City. 
  3. Here, you will see the high tension and many refugees and also meet Arfur Gregorio. 
  4. Moreover, during the quest, you must side with the refugee, which causes Arfur to head out of his house. 
  5. Then, Enter the basement, and you will find a blackmail note. 
  6. From the note, you will understand that Arfur is being blackmailed.
  7. You must then head over to the requisitioned barn with your group.
  8. Here you will find a crate with dangerous toys. 

2. Find The Felogyrs Fireworks

After you disarm the explosive, you will find Arfur in the Sharess’ Caress. 

  1. Here, you must intimidate him and gain information about the fireworks.
  2. After you intimidate him, he will point you towards Felogyrs Fireworks. 
  3. You must head towards the Basilisk gate in the lower cities.
  4. Then, head south, and you will find the front area of Felogyr’s Fireworks. 
  5. You must enter the building, and then an NPC will stop you.
  6. Here, give them the password Arfur provided you when you interrogated him. 
  7. Furthermore, you can also use stealth to go without them noticing you. 
  8. Additionally, when you provide the NPC with the password, you can access the first and second floors. 

Here on out, you can use stealth to slip into one of the corners of the second floor and head to the third floor. 

Enter felogyrs fireworks workshop Bg3
Provide the password and enter Felogyrs fireworks workshop in Baldur’s Gate 3.

On the third floor, you will hear about the pipes leaking. This allows the players to deal with the enemies without having to fight. 

Felogyrs firework pipes are leaking Bg3
You will find people talking about leakage in the pipes of the workshop.

Players can destroy the pipes, and it will flood the area and defeat the enemies. 

Additionally, you can use stealth and bomb the crates. This will complete the quest. 

Defeat everyone in the workshop Bg3
Destroy the crates in the workshop and defeat everyone inside to complete the quest.

Is It A Bug?

According to some players, the quest is bugged; many players have reported this issue on various forums.

Some of them have tried different methods to avoid combat.

The methods were flying to the top floor, turning invisible, planting explosives, or using a firework.

However, none of these options seem to work correctly and they either trigger the whole building to attack you or cause other glitches. 

A complaint on Felogyr’s Bug

The only way to progress the quest is to kill everyone in the workshop, including the main guy in the basement.

This is not very satisfying for some players who prefer a more diplomatic or sneaky approach.

Hopefully, the developers will fix this bug in a future update.

The Bottom Line

The Felogyr’s quest is a long and arduous quest. However, the story’s ending is rather satisfying. 

Furthermore, the story shows that the bustling city of Baldur’s Gate is neither safe from criminal acts. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in completing the Felogyrs fireworks quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

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