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Explore The Tablet Fragment In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Tablet Fragments in Baldur’s Gate 3 are written in a language that is not yet fully understood.

However, there are a few theories about what the Fragments might mean.

The Chosen of Shar side quest includes the Tablet Fragments in Baldur’s Gate 3. Your companion character Shadowheart assigns you the quest.

This guide will examine the details of the Tablet Fragment and its location in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is The Tablet Fragment In BG3?

The Tablet Fragment in BG3 refers to a piece of a Tablet or stone slab.

It contains inscriptions or information of significance within the game.

These Fragments are usually scattered or hidden throughout the game world

Therefore, players must find and collect them to assemble the complete Tablet.

Furthermore, the Tablet Fragments often hold essential clues, lore, or even quest-related information.

Tablet Fragment BG3
Players can obtain Tablet Fragments from the Chosen of Shar quest.

They can provide insights into the game’s story and history.

Further, they reveal secrets that aid in solving puzzles or progressing through certain quests.

As players gather more Fragments, they can combine them to form a complete Tablet.

After that, they can unlock new knowledge and potentially advance the storyline.

Hence, finding and collecting Tablet Fragments can be an exciting and rewarding aspect of gameplay in Baldur’s Gate 3.

It encourages exploration, puzzle-solving, and delving deeper into the game’s lore.

Where To Find The Tablet Fragment In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, there are a total of five shards of Tablets. Grymforge, a dwarven metropolis in the Underdark, is where they are all situated.

The Chosen of Shar side quest, which Shadowheart gives you, includes the Tablet Fragments.

The positions of the five Tablet pieces are as follows:

  • Fragment 1: In the first room of the Adamantine Forge, on a table near the entrance.
  • Fragment 2: In the room with the gnome and the runic powder, on a shelf near the door.
  • Fragment 3: In the room with the broken moon lantern on a table near the bed.
  • Fragment 4: In the room with Nere’s head on a table near the window.
  • Fragment 5: In the room with the Absolute’s altar, on a pedestal in the centre.

Additionally, make sure to check out every space in Grymforge. There are various unexpected locations where the Tablet pieces that players can be located.

Moreover, you must talk to all of the NPCs in Grymforge. They might be able to offer some hints as to where the Tablet Fragments are.

After that, utilize your instincts, and if you’re having trouble, imagine Shadowheart’s perspective and determine where she could look for the Tablet Fragments.

How to Use The Tablet Fragment In Baldur’s Gate 3?

You can make a map that goes to the Sword of Gith using the Tablet Fragments in Baldur’s Gate 3.

To accomplish this, you must collect all five Tablet Fragments and present them to Shadowheart.

Her map will pinpoint the Sword of Gith using the Fragments. The writing on the Tablet Fragments is in a language that Shadowheart cannot read.

However, she thinks they are a guide to the Sword of Gith, and the pieces are ancient, fragile, and fashioned of an odd, black substance.

Furthermore, once the map is ready, Shadowheart will present it to you.

Several symbols that stand in for the various dimensional planes will be displayed on the map.

Therefore, to locate the Sword of Gith, you must follow the symbols on the map.

Moreover, the Githyanki, an ancient alien race, developed the Sword of Gith, a lethal weapon.

The fabric of reality itself is claimed to be no match for the sword’s purported ability to cut through anything.

Moreover, the primary enemies in Baldur’s Gate 3 are the Mind Flayers, which you can eliminate if you can locate the Sword.

Hence, in the Githyanki’s effort to regain their homeworld of Gith, you will also have the opportunity to aid them.

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The Bottom Line

The Tablet Fragments in Baldur’s Gate 3 are mysterious and powerful artefacts.

Therefore, it might hold the key to defeating the Mind Flayers and restoring peace to the Sword Coast.

Players who can find all five Tablet Fragments and decipher their meaning will get rewards with a powerful weapon and the chance to change the course of history.

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