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How To Obtain Force Conduit In BG3?

Force conduit in BG3 is a way to deal force damage to the enemies. 

Players can gain force conduit through various items and skills sometimes. 

In BG3, players can gain force conduit through three specific items. These items are divided into a weapon, a shield and an armor. The weapon is the skinbuster, the armor is the rippling force mail, and the shield is the swires’ sledboard.
This article discusses the force conduit and how to obtain it in BG3.

What Is Force Conduit In BG3?

Force damage is a form of magical damage that represents pure and physical damage that anyone can deal to their enemy.

Furthermore, finding Force resistance in BG3 is even rarer than finding Thunder resistance.

Players can find force in skills such as the Warlock’s Eldritch blast. Also, they are able to gain force conduit through items.

Thus, if you are one of the classes that inherently does not have “Force,” you can simply obtain these items, but it may take some time.

Some classes however can access force through spells such as “Magical Missile” and “Spiritual Weapon.”

deal force damage using magic missile bg3
Magic missile is one of the skills that players can use to deal Force damage.

Thus, if you really want to have some form of force damage, you can simply equip the spells and make use of the force damage to its fullest.

In certain cases, instead of downright dealing force damage, players will absorb the force damage.

This method allows players not to take damage for certain turns.

Thus, players can dabble with this mechanic and make a build for themselves that fits their playstyle.

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Obtaining Force Conduit In BG3

In BG3, players can equip three items to gain Force conduit easily. However, obtaining all three items can be a daunting task.

Here is a list of all three items that players can equip to obtain Force conduit in BG3:

1. The Skinbuster

The skinbuster is a weapon that provides the players with Force conduit as they deal damage to the enemy.

The weapon will gain 2 turns of force conduit each time they deal damage to the enemy.

According to the game, the weapon reads:

Bludgeoning, Piercing and Slashing damage against the affected entity is reduced by 1 per turn remaining. If the entity takes damage while it has 5 or more turns remaining, it deals 1-4 Force damage in a 6 m radius. These charges are expended.

Players can obtain the skinbuster from Creche Y’llek.

skinbuster provides force conduit bg3
Skinbuster provides players with force conduit when dealing damage to enemies.

2. Swires’ Sledboard

The swires’ sled board is a shield that provides players with Force conduit at the start of their turn in combat.

According to the game, the shield reads:

The shield shrouds the wearer with Force conduit at the start of its turn in combat.

Players can possibly find the shield in the Rivington Armory Shopkeeper.

swires' sledboard provides force conduit bg3
Swires’ sledboard provides a defensive layer in the form of force conduit.

3. Rippling Force Mail

The rippling force mail is an armor that the players can obtain to gain Force conduit when they take damage.

This armor is disadvantageous when players are trying to complete stealth checks.

According to the game, the rippling force mail reads:

Gain Force conduit when taking slashing, piercing, or bludgeoning damage.

Players can obtain the rippling force mail from the second floor of Dammon’s blacksmith in the Last Light Inn.

rippling mail force conduit bg3
Rippling force mail provides force conduit BG3.

Players can combine all these items to generate the force conduit quite easily in any case of the game.

Furthermore, these items interact in different ways to gain force conduit, thus, players can combine all these items to gain force conduit constantly.

The Bottom Line

The force conduit allows players to deal pure damage, furthermore, it also allows players to branch out into other damage types. 

However, gaining the force conduit can be tricky since not many items provide force conduit to the players. 

You can follow the above-mentioned ways to obtain force conduit in BG3.

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