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The Mystery Of BG3: A Deep Hole

One of the most mysterious locations players can discover in BG3 is a massive sinkhole, A Deep Hole.

Located in the woods just north of the Druid Grove camp, the Deep Hole is a seemingly bottomless pit that drops deep underground.

The Deep Hole seems to have a grumpy creature inside it, but no one knows what it is or how to interact with it. However, there are some possible ways to try to communicate with the hole.

What secrets and dangers lie waiting in its depths? Let’s take a closer look at this ominous location.

What Is A Deep Hole In BG3?

The Deep Hole is a massive sinkhole located in the woods just north of the Druid Grove camp inside the Underdark.

It is a circular opening in the ground surrounded by a rocky rim and appears to be bottomless.

No ropes or ladders are present, making it impossible to descend without magical assistance.

The hole is over 100 feet across, and its sheer size is awe-inspiring.

Moreover, you can use spells or potions to lower yourself into the Deep Hole.

Here, you will encounter sheer rock walls that continue straight down.

the deep hole
The Deep Hole in the Underdark.

As they descend, the ambient light from above grows dimmer, and only magical light sources illuminate the way.

You can hear strange echoes and noises from the depths, hinting at unknown creatures lurking below.

Thus, the Deep Hole is filled with mysterious ruins, strange creatures, and glowing blue flames.

It is believed that even greater mysteries and unknown entities may lie deeper within the hole.

How To Interact With The Deep Hole?

The Deep Hole is still a mystery to the players. Only a pitch-black nothingness and mysterious voices are coming out from the hole.

However, you can only hear the voice using the potion of animal speaking; without it, you cannot understand the voices.

Therefore, there is no way to figure it out except glitches to provoke and fight whatever is down there.

voice form deep hole
A mysterious voice coming out from the deep hole.

Using Cheats And Glitches

Players are using cheats or glitches to descend into the Deep Hole.

However, some players report encountering strange rock formations and magical anomalies.

Yet, the fog and texture pop-in prevent traveling very far downward.

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What Lies Below The Deep Hole?

Some claim to have seen hints of massive cavernous spaces and structures below, but the details are unclear.

Larian Studios has not yet opened the entire area for normal gameplay exploration.

However, various theories about the deep hole exist, and we list some of them below:

1. Connection To The Underdark

The developers have stated that they will involve the Deep Hole in the main story of Baldur’s Gate 3 as they continue its development.

Moreover, some key speculation points include possibilities that it may connect to the Underdark.

2. Portal To Other Planes

Some suggestions propose that the Deep Hole could open onto other planes of existence,

It includes the likes of the Elemental Plane of Earth or even the Lower Planes of the Abyss or Nine Hells.

3. Wilder Theories

More outlandish theories involve it being a gateway to the center of Toril itself.

Moreover, it can also be an entrance to the domain of some slumbering elder evil.

The Bottom Line

This expansive sinkhole hides secrets and potential dangers near Druid’s Grove camp.

Explorers encounter ancient ruins, odd creatures, and spectral flames, leaving mysteries unsolved.

Hopefully, you can encounter the mystery of the deep hole with the help of this article.

Happy Gaming!

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