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Is Sightcast Recruiting Group Legitimate Or A Scam?

Many people are curious about whether the job placement offers from Sightcast recruiting group are legitimate or a scam.

Eventhough the Sightcast company has 3.9 ratings out of 5, the scam news is spreading like wildfire on the internet.

Sightcast Recruiting Group is a legitimate company but scammers are using its details and online resumes to scam people. Scammers usually send emails and WhatsApp messages to job seekers bribing them with higher job positions and salaries to steal their personal and financial information. 

Continue reading to find out how the Sightcast recruiting group is scamming people.

What Is Sightcast Recruiting Group?

Sightcast Recruiting Group is a company that helps businesses find top executives for important roles.

Furthermore, they’ve been doing this since 2005 and have won awards for their work.

They’re good at finding the right people for jobs in construction, engineering, and finance.

Sightcast works as a mediator to help companies as well as candidates to find each other.

Hence, companies can get deserving candidates and the candidates can get a placement in the company through Sightcast.

Sightcast recruiting group
Sightcast Recruiting Group is a legitimate company that gives you job placement and recruitment.

The headquarters of the Sightcast recruiting group is in Victoria, Texas.

Besides, their specialties are hiring, recruiting, placement, executive search, career change, commercial construction, etc.

However, the news about the Sightcast recruiting group scam is buzzing all over the internet.

Is Sightcast Recruiting Group A Scam?

Sightcast Recruiting Group is a legit company however, scammers are using its name to deceive people.

Scammers are faking to be the official Sightcast and sending emails to job seekers to scam them.

Furthermore, they send official-looking emails to job seekers about their chance to be recruited by a company.

1. Offers Higher Salary And Position

They attract job seekers into falling victim by offering them higher position jobs through the Sightcast company.

In addition, the emails also make false promises to offer job placement with higher salaries.

People indeed fall for this scam as no one would like to lose the chance of a higher position and higher salary.

2. Ask You For Personal Information

The scammers play dirty tricks by promising you job placement through Sightcast Recruiting Group by asking for your personal information.

The resume contains many important data like phone number, name, address, DOB, etc which can be used for cyber crimes.

Besides, scammers are impersonating the Sightcast company to access your personal and financial information.

3. Sends Online Resume Of Sightcast To Scam

They also use details from the Sightcast recruiting group and send online resumes of the company to appear genuine.

Thus, it is indeed difficult to identify whether the job placement email from Sightcast is legitimate or a scam.

How Do Sightcast Recruiting Group Scam Works?

The Sightcast scam came to light when a well-known social media influencer named Dani Kongi shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp message on Twitter.

Furthermore, the Whatsapp message was from a recruiter consultant named Abby from Sightcast recruiting group.

The WhatsApp message was saying that they got Dani’s job application and wanted to know if he was still looking for a job.

However, Dani was suspicious of the message as it came from a phone number of Indonesia.

The Sightcast recruiting group location is in the USA Victoria, Texas and the company has no branch in Indonesia.

Whatsapp message Sightcast scam
You can identify the message or email to be a scam if it is from other countries like Indonesia, India, etc.

On top of that, the WhatsApp message from such a huge company had errors, like bad grammar and formatting problems. 

This made Dani more suspicious so instead of falling for it, he shared a picture of the message on his Twitter.

Hence, many people commented that they were getting similar scam messages and emails from Sightcast.

Sends E-check That Bounces

The scammers impersonating Sightcast scam people by sending electronic checks with a job placement offer.

In this scam, the scammers also mention that the applicants must pay for laptops or computers from their pocket.

However, after you pay the price for the laptop the e-check provided by the scammers bounces.

Hence, this is how many people are falling victim to the Sightcast recruiting group scam.

The Bottom Line

Job seekers must be cautious due to the increasing scam in the job placement sector of the companies.

Investigate the emails and messages properly before sending a resume, personal information, financial details, etc to certain agencies.

Moreover, stay alert, double-check job offers, and be aware of red flags like bad grammar and upfront payment requests.

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